Episode 4 of Birdie Wing is out this week, and there’s sad news for fans looking forward to the next matchup. Again, this time, the name of the winner of the match between Eve and Aoi. And from the leaks of the next episode, it looks like this episode will also pause the game midway.

So what will happen in the game this time? Will fans find out who is the winner between Eve and Aoi? Without any further ado, here’s everything you need to know about the latest episode of the Netflix Originals cartoon.

In the next version, the game-deciding between Eve and Aoi may not be over again. So, some time later, another match is set. Once that happens, Eve will try not to lose her winning streak again.

Summary of the previous episode!

The third episode of Birdie Wing begins with Eve preparing for the tournament that will begin between her and Aoi. These two had a chance to chat before the match started. But none of them are interested in revealing their strategy. There are other players also participating in the game. They all wanted to play with Eve, but she only focused on her game with Aoi.

In her heart, she knew that Aoi had been practicing for this moment for a long time. So she was very worried about whether she would make it past the winner’s spot. Right after that, the game started, and Aoi’s harsh words appeared in her game. Towards the end of the chapter, Lily and her sister go to the golf course to watch the game.

Birdie Wing Episode 4: What happens next?

The title of the fourth episode of Birdie Wing is “Venomous Snake.” There are two ways that fans can hint at the meaning of this title. On the one hand, the title could refer to the betrayal Aoi might face from someone on her team. But the chances of any of them getting back together with their teammates are less. Birdie Wing episode 4 will be focused on completing the match. Last time, Eve was the one who defeated the match.

But now, Aoi seemed to be the one determined to win the match. So there is a high chance that the game will be interrupted by an approaching snake. This will lead to game sabotage. Does that mean we won’t be named winners again? Only the next episode can give us the answer.

Birdie Wing episode 4: Release date

Another thrilling game is about to begin in the story of Birdie Wing. So who will be the winner between Eve and Aoi? Birdie Wing episode 4 will release this week with all the answers. The episode will release next weekend. The episode will premiere on April 26, 2022. Fans will only be able to watch all of the anime’s episodes on the official Crunchyroll sites. We will definitely update this section as soon as more similar updates become available.