Black Clover 325 Spoilers

Black Clover 325 Spoilers is probably gonna be very interesting not only just for the fight there are so many other factors that could come into play. If Tabata does this right this can give a similar vibe to Roof Piece and if you follow me you know I love Roof Piece

The previous chapter ended with Lucifero finally taking the fight seriously. He openly threatened Yami to kill everyone Yami loves in front of her eyes. An intense chill ran down Yami’s spine upon hearing those ruthless words from the leader of the demons. It seems that we have already reached the final stage of the showdown against the demons. Thankfully, the Black Clover 325 spoilers have now been removed which gives us an idea of what we can expect from this chapter.

Yuno, Zora, and Nero are no longer fit to fight. Also, her generic spells are of little use against demonic magic. Therefore, Asta’s Anti-Magic and Yami’s Dark Magic are the Spade Kingdom’s only hope to defeat Lucifero. Will they be able to defeat the demons and create history? We bring you the latest updates and discussions on Black Clover manga.

Black Clover 325 Spoilers: Lucifer gets serious

Some scanned pages of the chapter are circulating on the internet, where Lucifero can be seen smashing Yuno’s Magic Armor into pieces. The prince of the Spade Kingdom realizes that he has no role to play in the showdown between the angel and the devil. On the last legs of him, he stakes Asta with Captain Vangeance’s sword and falls unconscious. Knowing that Lucifero is finally serious is also a relief because things couldn’t get any worse. The difference between his strengths is simply too great and nothing short of a miracle can reduce it.

Meanwhile, Asta realizes that Devil’s Union is the only way to stand a chance against Lucifero. She just witnessed how Nacht was able to scale the technique in minutes, so she wants to accomplish this feat and take her evil power to a whole new dimension. She reminds Liebe that there are only two minutes left and that it is time to avenge Lichita’s death. With that, Asta covers himself with anti-magic and advances towards Lucifero with all his might. The anti-magic circulating in his body sleeps everywhere. Lucifero identifies him as the most troublesome, but the easiest to kill.

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Yuno saves Captain Yami

Black Clover 325 Spoilers

On the other hand, Yami realizes that he can no longer cut the Devil’s body. She appreciates Yuno’s intervention in saving him from fatal injury. Yami thanks his kouhai for saving him and congratulates him on acquiring the second grimoire. It seems that Yuno knows that Yami and Asta are the only ones who can defeat Lucifero, and so she prioritizes their lives. However, he reveals that in his current condition, he cannot keep up with Asta with her star magic. Also, he doubts that Captain Yami can continue fighting with only one arm.

Black Clover Chapter 325 Release Date

The Black Clover 325 spoilers have only given us a brief rundown of what to expect. Panels may also be missing. The chapter will be officially released on Sunday, March 6, 2022. You can read it for free on different platforms like viz media, mangaplus, and the official shonen jump app.

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