The war against Lucifero and the other demons in the Spade Kingdom may finally be over, but they remain oblivious to what’s to come after the character’s unexpected reveal in the final chapter.

Unfortunately, manga fans will have to wait a little longer than usual as Yuki Tabata’s Black Clover Chapter 332 won’t be released for about three months.

If you haven’t heard the news yet, Shueisha has announced that the manga will be temporarily out of print for the next three months. Yuki Tabata, the manga’s creator, has revealed that the Black Clover manga will be on hiatus in preparation for the manga’s final season.

The previous chapter of the manga, titled “And Time Begins to Move,” tells the story of the end of the war against the devil. In this chapter, Yuno finally meets his mother. The Spade Kingdom asked Yuno to stay, but because he was a citizen of the Clover Kingdom, he refused their request.

Asta and the other Magic Knights celebrate their victory. Unaware of the situation in the Clover Kingdom, an unexpected thing happened to the sorcerer king. While Julius was talking to Damnatio, something unexpected happened. The sorcerer king realizes that he is being used by Astaroth.

Damnatio was about to help Julius when the devil suddenly took over. Astaroth was unable to make any moves, and he immediately fell down. At the same time, Adrammelech appeared and called out to Julius Lucius Zogratis.

The sudden appearance of Zogratis only shows that the war against the devil is not over yet. How will Asta and Liebe be able to stop the demon of time? Let’s see how things play out as the Black Clover manga continues.