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Black Clover by writer Yuki Tabata was reunited as a manga series on February 16, 2015, and since then the series has received so much love that it also got an anime adaptation, but will that end? The story of Black Clover revolves around showing the life of our beloved protagonist, Asta was born without magic. In a world where magical powers or people with Mana are quite common, our main character was born without Mana. Even with these obstacles in his way, Asta is determined to become the Witch King of the Clover Kingdom.

On the day of the Grimoire selection, Asta leaves empty-handed when Yuno, his best friend and sworn rival, receives a four-leaf clover grimoire. This shows that Yuno is the chosen one who was loved by Mana. Despite this, our main hero was not ready to back down and finally received the grimoire from him. But in the ranks, Asta had a rare and invisible grimoire, a five-leaf grimoire. Just as four-leaf grimoires are considered a legendary love-inducing item, the fifth leaf is considered a first call to the devil.

The manga series was adapted into an anime in 2017 and aired from October 3, 2017 to March 30, 2021.

Will the Black Clover manga end?

In the later chapters of Black Clover, we saw the demon Lucifero resurrected with only 50% of his power and ready to destroy the entire world. Just then, all the Clover Kingdom Magic Knights captains arrive in front of him, forming a barricade between him and Asta, who is a potential threat to the Demon King.

But things don’t last long as Lucifer runs through them all without flinching and even manages to land a killing blow on Asta. Luckily for our protagonist, his friend Yuno, who now owns two grimoires, arrives to save him and Mereoleona Vermillion. But things don’t stay as they are, as Mereoleona reaches her limit and is defeated while Yuno is still unable to cause any damage to Lucifero.

Also in the mix is ​​Black Bulls vice-captain Nacht, and he puts up a good fight against Lucifero. But when the Demon King deals a fatal blow to Nacht, we see Yami Sukehiro return after being revived by Vanessa and Grey.

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With Yami finally back in action, the Black Bulls captain and vice-captain put aside their past differences and join forces in an attempt to take down Lucifero. Protecting Zora and Nero during the battle, Yami and Nacht release the mana zones and turn them into a magical union called “Shadow × Dark Magic: Kids Playground”.

This magic creates an entire area of ​​shadows that complements the dark magic, making Yami’s already strong abilities even stronger. As the battle continues, after a long series of attempts, we see that Yami is finally able to deal damage to Lucifero. Seeing how the humans stood up to him and even went to harm him, the now humiliated Demon King decides to charge headlong at the humans.

With his mana skyrocketing, Lucifero goes into another transformation and claims to wipe out all humans on the planet. Meanwhile, Asta and Yuno gather their strength to stand up and fight alongside Yami and Nacht.

So far, Black Clover has spawned 324 chapters since its release in February 2015. The chapters have accumulated a total of 31 volumes so far, and as the story progresses, it can be said that the manga never ends, not in the short term.

Asta and Yuno vow to become the Witch King.

Yes, this week we did not receive any new chapters as the authors were on break. But this is not a sign that the authors are ending the manga series. Black Clover will keep bringing a new chapter starting next month.

There are still several new places to explore in the Black Clover universe, including Yami’s homeland, which is apparently a long way away. Also, we still have to learn more about dwarfs, as Charmy appears to be half-human and half-dwarf. Also, since many characters like Magna and Gray have only shown their potential now, that means there’s still a lot to see from them. So given all the possible storylines to follow and questions to answer, it sounds like Black Clover isn’t going to be over any time soon.

Where to watch and read Black Clover?

You can watch Black Clover anime on streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and many more. You can also read Black Clover manga chapter on Viz Media official website and Shonen Jump official app.

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