With last week’s Chap release, a pause for Chapter 170 of Blue Lock has been announced. The producers revealed that they will need some time to research for the next chapter.

So far, Isagi is the tallest of all the Blue Lock players in the story. Now, he has to make a decision between going with this price or negotiating for a higher salary. Moreover, Bastard Munchen will have a match against Manchine City in the next 10 days. Thus, they will also begin to prepare for the match on the next departure.

In the next chapter, after Isagi’s bid, Munchen’s team will start preparing for the match against Manchine City. But in the team, there were many disagreements in the previous match. Therefore, planning a new match this time will not be easy for them.

Blue Lock Chapter 170: What will happen next?

Since the next Chap is on pause for research purposes, Chap’s raw scans have also been delayed. However, it’s predictable what the next Chapter will tackle. First, the match between the remaining players of Blue Lock will take place. On the basis of their performance in the match, they will be bid by sponsors. By the end of the previous chapter, the match between the two winners was announced.

In the next ten days, there will be a match between the British City of Manshine and the Bastard Munchen. Therefore, the players selected for the club will play against another winning team. Blue Lock Chapter 170 will also look at Isagi’s decision to take the striker position. It will be interesting to see if he chooses to take the price or negotiate with the bidder.

The 169th chapter of Blue Lock begins with Isagi closing the bid at 7 million yen. Ego explains that these are the actual numbers that players will be paid when they play for the Under-20s. But the players can always negotiate their prices with the clubs. One of the most shocking figures for Kaiser is 300 million yen. Ego says that excluding all international players, the federation will choose the highest bid out of 23 players and select them as the final team.TWITTER.

Lavinho is quick to point out that they have now become products. Ego repeats that they are exactly that in the commercial sports world. But other players reacted because they didn’t even get a chance to play. And so Blue Lock’s managers told them all their matches were televised. The chapter ends with the announcement of the final match between the players who cannot leave the stands.


Blue Lock Chapter 170: Release Date

Sadly there will be a hiatus when the next Chap is released. The reason behind the delay is said to be ‘research.’ But the manga will return next week. So, Blue Lock Chapter 170 will release on April 20, 2022. Fans will only be able to read all the chapters of the manga on the official Kodansha sites. We will be sure to update this section as soon as more updates are available on the release.