Blue Lock Chapter 171

It is clear from Chap’s title, Blue Lock Chapter 171 will look at the match between Bastard Munchens and England Manshine. In the previous chapter, fans got their first look at the other team.

Just the introduction of Chris Prince shows that this team’s only strategy is to win by speed. When the other team is not given a chance to retaliate, scoring becomes easier. But the Munchens have players like Noel and Isagi. So defeating them this time won’t be easy. Without any more ads, here’s everything there is to know about the next Chapter.

In the next chapter, the Munchens team will sit down and discuss the strategy for the next game. None of them know how England’s Manshine plays. So it will be interesting to see what happens in this match.

Summary of the previous chapter!

Chapter 170 of Blue Lock begins with the introduction of Chis Prince, one of the players of the English club Manshine City. Ten days earlier, this guy explained to his team that their strategy would lead the game with speed. Without even needing the players’ consent, he began touching them to analyze the strength in their muscles. He just wanted to know if the players were proficient to play at the pace he expected.

Blue Lock Chapter 171: Muchens Vs Manshine!

His philosophy is simple, when a person doesn’t take care of their strength, the strength inside their body tends to wither. But it all boils down to the fact that he advertises that Hoang Ky water has the effect of increasing metabolism in the body. The last boxes of this chapter show all the Bastard Munchen players training for the upcoming match against England’s Manshine.

Blue Lock Chapter 171: What will happen next?

The title of the next chapter of Blue Lock is “After the Game”. According to Chap’s plot leak, the story will unfold in Bastard Munchen’s Dressing Room. Isagi thinks that even though they won the match, he wants to win the next match with his own goals. On the Neo-Egoist League Goals Ranking, Rin is placed in first place with two goals to his name. Gagamaru was quick to point out that scoring is crucial for the players if they are to secure a place in the world cup.

But Yukimiya has a different view of things. He thinks that choosing a team to attend the World Cup is not enough. The game is more about playing the sport of soccer better. The final installment of Blue Lock Chapter 171 will see everyone agreeing that they want to join the regulars. The chapter will end with Raichi claiming that the final room looks more like Blue Lock.

Blue Lock Chapter 171: Release Date

After a long two-week wait, fans are eager to see what happens next. Can Isagi Yoichi’s dream of becoming a soccer champion come true? So, Blue Lock Chapter 171 will release in the next two days on April 27, 2022. Fans will only be able to read all the chapters of the manga on the official Kodansha sites.