Boruto Chapter 68 Scan

We are excited to read Boruto Chapter 68 Scan, as this will be where we can confirm Boruto’s current status, will he become a villain or can he still be a hero?

Boruto’s latest chapter is a very wild Chap. Once again, Boruto faced Momoshiki. But this time, the latter is saving the life of the former.

The latest chapter brings us closer to the first scene we saw. Boruto will no longer lose himself. Just like Kawaki, he can now freely use his property. So the final confrontation between the two makes sense.

What we want to know now, is why they would clash in the first place. They are really brothers at this point.

We all know that Naruto’s cast is not treated well in this series. That is inevitable because if they show their full ability, they will hardly have the opportunity to shine. And what kind of protagonist doesn’t shine?

Shikamaru was more or less useless in the battle just now. He ended up being a burden and now, it looks like he will be a liability. Code seems to have implanted his claw marks on Shikamaru and using them he will sneak into Konoha.

Whether Code will be able to lift his limit is likely the subject of Boruto’s English Chapter 68. The code is sure to penetrate. And given the flow of the story, we’re inclined to believe he’ll be successful. Can Konoha set a trap for him? We shall see.


Boruto is alive. But we all knew it was bound to happen. Even if he’s not the main character, we’ll still know he’s alive. Because we have seen the future.

We know about the future confrontation. Boruto Chapter 68 Scan will give us another hint on how we should approach that situation. Because in this Chapter one key question has been answered.

How is the code beaten?

In this Chapter, Code has been put in his place, all thanks to Kawaki. After unlocking his Ohtsutsuki powers into reality, Kawaki has shown amazing progress. Using his battle experience, he mops the floor with Code.

What’s impressive is that he shrunk the claw marks to prevent the slippery guy from escaping.

Unfortunately, however, Code is only one step ahead. When Kawaki attacked him with the final blow, Code was forced to bring in Daemon. Using his ability, the attack was prevented.

We know that this kid is not only extremely strong but can also reflect the opponent’s attacks.

Using Daemon’s reflexes, Kawaki’s attack was completely reversed and he was cooled down. In Boruto 68 ‘s rough scan, we’ll see when he can recover.

However, Eida cares about him. After all, she placed all her hopes in Kawaki.

What happened to Naruto?

Boruto Chapter 68 Scan

Again in this Chapter, we see Naruto being extremely kind. He really is a man who values ​​his family very much. For a moment there, Boruto seemed dead for real. It is said that the loss of a child is one of the greatest tragedies in a parent’s life.

Naruto grieves over the apparent death of his son, his brave son, who sacrificed his life for the greater good. And right there, was Kawaki, the killer.

Shikamaru offers to deal with Kawaki, a confident killer. However, once again, Naruto sided with Kawaki.

Naruto accepts the boys’ steadfastness and determination. He accepts that Kawaki did all this for him. And he chose to stand and support Kawaki who murdered Boruto!

In Boruto chapter 68 spoiler, Kawaki will be grateful that his adoptive father and brother accepted him.


What happened to Boruto?

Looks like our main character has had incredible luck! His apparent death was the reason he was saved. If Boruto dies, Momoshiki will be wiped out. To prevent this, Momoshiki compromised and fused the 18 Perfections of Karma with Boruto.

Currently, Boruto is a pure Ohtsutsuki who carries Momoshiki inside of him. It looks like his will and sanity will remain. So he doesn’t have to fear being turned into Momoshiki. Somehow, Boruto defeated Ohtsutsuki.

However, he will now be the target of Code because later wants to bring him to 10 tails. In Boruto Manga 68, we’ll see Code’s effort towards this. And his first step is to remove the limits he has on himself.


The release of raw scans happens once a month. The February issue of the monthly V Jump is still limited. At the latest publication, we will have a rough scan of Boruto 68 Scan. The date will be around March 15, 2022.

For some reason, we often don’t get fan translations of Boruto. Official releases are often stolen and posted illegally. However, English translations done by scanners are not common, and that’s not a bad thing.

Within March 20, 2022, we will have the official English translation of Boruto Manga 68.