When will Boruto Episode 233 be Release? Here’s the latest schedule

Boruto Episode 233

This is the latest release schedule for the anime Boruto Episode 233 that you need to know.

If they’re bringing Kagura and Buntan back I Hope they’re gonna bring Shizuma back too! He’s one of my favorite anime original villains!

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Boruto Episode 232 Recap

In Boruto Episode 232, Tsubaki trains to practice but Sazanka holds her back saying the session is finally over.

When the man wakes up, he says that Tsubaki is the samurai he met and he screams in panic when he sees his sword.

After going to the place where that person was attacked, Tsubaki realized that it might be the one who wielded Kurosawa’s legendary sword.

Previously in episode 232, we discussed more the Land of Iron with our exchange students and members of Team 15 Tsubaki.

An incident had occurred where a traveling merchant had been attacked by robbers.

Izuno Wasabi, Suzumeno Namida, and Kurogane Tsubaki from Team 15 have been assigned to investigate the situation.

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The evidence seems to be related to the Samurai from his hometown in the Land of Iron. In addition, Tsubaki suddenly recognized one of the traces of the culprit left behind.

The reason why he reacted like that was that he was the one he used to respect – They used to hone their skills on each other.

The suspect was someone who was curious under the same level as Tsubaki – a more senior student.

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It was as if Tsubaki had met to meet this enemy because of their relationship with each other.

Check out this WSJ Preview Text Blurb for Boruto Episode 233, slated to air on 1/23! The New Team 7 reunite with Kagura, but a frightening incident occurs…! Translation: @rocha_luana

They Changed Kawaki’s headband scene with the Uzumaki Family and Made it with Team 7. In My opinion, that’s much better because Kawaki’s headband scene should be with his teammates. Great Job SP

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Studio Pierrot got this in reverse LMAO. So OP 9 cover shows the new team 7 even though the OP was focused on the Isshiki fight. Then You have OP 10 focused on the new team 7 they give us Naruto Boruto and Kawaki as a cover. Should have been revered tbh.

Boruto Episode 233 Release Date

Boruto Episode 233, titled Captain Denki’s First Mission, will be released on January 23, 2022

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