Call Of The Night Episode 8

He has a strong desire to become a vampire and believes that Nazuna is helping him. However, once he learns of his feelings for her, things will really change drastically. Now he has to deal with his feelings. Can he do that? Yes, it is still to be seen. But without a doubt, watching them deal with this situation will be thrilling.

In the fifth episode, Yamori will feel some feelings towards Nazuna, making things difficult for him. He will try to hide this from her. But somehow she will learn this and will talk to Yamori. Does she feel the same way? The following subheadings should answer all your questions!

Quick summary!

Earlier in Call Of The Night Episode 4, Yamori was thinking about what happened earlier after witnessing a couple kissing nearby. He began to think that he was in love with Nazuna. After finding him, she drank his blood. But he doesn’t transform. So Nazuna then explained that he had confused love with lust. They later reveal that it was their first kiss which led Nazuna to believe that friends can kiss. The next night, Yamori invites Akira to join him at Nazuna’s apartment. They all played video games, and Nazuna gave a kiss to the one who could beat her.

Akira gets agitated when he learns about Nazuna and Yamori’s kiss and tells him that he can’t love a vampire. But Nazuna explains that he still doesn’t like her. Then they play dating sims and all sleep in the same bed, but Akira feels weird about this. But Nazuna explained everything to her, and Yamori revealed how he was able to turn into a vampire after falling in love with Nazuna. After Nazuna fell asleep, Akira told him that they could be friends even after he became a vampire and would keep trying to go back to school.

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Call Of The Night Episode 8: What Happens Next?

In the next side story, Yamori and Nazuna will go to the public bathhouse. After the longest period of time, it will be a relaxing time to help Yamori think clearly. He will have some mixed feelings for Nazuna. Well, he liked the way she drank her blood and now likes the feeling of being sucked, but his heart starts pounding when he sees her. Yamori’s mixed feelings will start to make things difficult. He will remember their kiss and how he felt at the time.

So to calm things down, he would ask Nazuna to eat some of his blood. She confirmed that she was hungry and was about to call him. He will feel drowsy afterward and ask her to rest somewhere. And so they will go to a hotel where Nazuna will confront him. She will tell him that she can read his emotions just by sucking his blood. He was getting a little emotional and confused, and she liked this. She wanted to taste all his emotions. Eventually, they will settle down to work with Yamori.

Call Of The Night Episode 8: Release date

Call Of The Night Episode 8 will air on Thursday, August 25, 2022. It will be available to stream on Fuji TV’s Noitamina program block. You can also stream it on Crunchyroll. This outing will explore Yamori’s feelings for Nazuna and how he will deal with it.