Catching Killers Season 2 Episode 3 Ending Explained: Who Are Pheonix’s Serial Shooters?

Catching Killers Season 2 Episode 3

Netflix came back with the true crime series ‘ To Catch Killers Season 2 ‘ on February 9, 2022. It has four episodes featuring four new gruesome cases and Catch Killers like the previous season. The Catching Killers Season 2 Episode 3 revolved around the notorious Pheonix serial killers and detectives caught them. Here is everything you need to know.

Catching Killers Season 2 Episode 3 Ending Explained: Who Are Pheonix’s Serial Shooters? and who arrested them?

Catching Killers Season 2 Episode 3 titled “Thrill Kill” WILL BE released on February 16, 2022, and features the story of the notorious Pheonix Serial Killers.

One day, Detective Clark Schwartzkopf received a call at the Pheonix Police Department regarding multiple cases of shootings on the streets of Pheonix.

All the shootings were with a shotgun, and all the people were randomly killed on the streets of Pheonix.

There was not a lot of information about the shootings, but several cases were reported in the last month and they were told about mass shootings in the streets of Pheonix.

There have been four shootings so far, and they’ve all been night shootings, so the police first assumed that maybe there were certain groups of people shooting at some groups of people on the streets of Pheonix, and how many more can they target? now? His main concern was to minimize such murders and catch those criminals once and for all.

Deputy Chief Kevin Robinson was also included in the case, as he was the Deputy Chief of Police for the Pheonix Investigative Police Department in 2006.

Chief Kevin trusted Clark’s opinion, as Clark had assumed that all four murders were linked to each other and that the same guy had done them all.

On July 8, 2006, Clark received another phone call at 1 am in which he received a message indicating two more random shootings, this time targeting a woman named Ashley.

But luckily Ashley survived in the hospital with timely help. When Detective Clark approached Ashley and asked her some questions, she said that she had an argument with her husband, she left the car and started walking down the street alone.

A guy in a 2000 Toyota Cannery jumped her from behind and shot her in the head, causing her to immediately fall to the ground. But she did check the color of the vehicle and the model, which helped detectives.

There have been 13 murders so far in Pheonix, and they have all been murders with guns, and everyone was afraid that no one wanted to go out on the street alone; who knows who will be the next target.

Then one Saturday again, Detective Clark received a call from his police department where they had decided to develop a task force to take down the serial killer.

Later, at the task force briefing, Detective Clark explained how the random shootings were being carried out, with everyone who survived mentioning a 2000 Toyota Cannery.

Therefore, it was doubtful that all the shootings that have occurred are not associated with a particular perpetrator. Second, Clark went on a solo journey to understand how these killers identify their next target.

Detective Clark has cleverly placed that this type of work cannot be a one person job, the reason being that there are hundreds of people out on the streets if any one of them is hit by a shotgun, someone or another may witness the murders

So this should be a two-person job where one man is committing the murder and the other is looking to see if there is anyone nearby who might witness this murder and based on that carefully select their targets.

How did the police catch the Pheonix serial killers?

One day, the police get a call from Ron Horton, telling Detective Clark that one of his friends, named Samuel Dieteman, may be the killer the police are trying to catch.

Detective Clark then meets Ron at a Mexican restaurant called Taste of Mexico, and the two discuss how Ron came to know that Dietman is the killer.

Ron said earlier that he heard Ron say that he might have killed a woman in the street. It is also revealed that the Killers are doing this for fun; they have no personal grudges with anyone.

This was recreational violence, meaning they enjoyed shooting and killing people for the thrill of it.

Detective Clark also asked Ron if he had any phone numbers or addresses for Dieteman. But to that, Ron says that he doesn’t know where Dieteman is staying, but that he may indeed find something since they were planning to meet up next week.

Detective Darren Udd also joined the case to assist Detective Clark Schwartzkopf. Just two nights after that, Clark gets a call again; this time, the woman has been shot to death on the streets of Pheonix.

Fortunately, Ron, this time, managed to help Detective Clark, as he said that he would meet Dietman soon, where they would have a couple of beers. After hearing this, Clark developed an entire surveillance unit to monitor everything Dietman does that day.

Sergeant Don Sherrard, Bureau of Drug Investigation, was also called in to help with surveillance. As the stakeout began, one of the detectives recognized Sam Dietman, walked out of the White Toyota Cannery, entered the bar, and the car drove away.

So the detectives decided to split the surveillance unit in two. Four of them watched Dietman and four followed the car.

Detectives managed to connect the tracking device to the car. And when the suspect got out of the car, he walked into the bar where Dietman was.

Since the detective had taken down the license plate, it was revealed that the other suspect was Dale Hausner. The police kept an eye on the two suspects and had assumed that this was the night they would choose their next target.

Fortunately, the police followed them throughout the night that day, so they probably couldn’t pick their next victim.

Dale Hausner and Samuel Dieteman entered his apartment at the end of the night and did not return after that.

The next day, Dietman leaves the building to throw out a bag of garbage. The Surveillance team, which was monitoring them, quickly collected the garbage bag and returned it to the Forensic team.

When the forensic team opened the garbage bag, they first discovered the name of Robin Blasnek of the people who were one of the first victims of the Pheonix serial shootings, and along with that, they had a map of Pheonix as where it all happened. the shootings. place taken.

The police were now certain that they had caught their man. All they need now is conclusive evidence to prove his crime and catch them red-handed.

The Department Head decided to arrest Dale Hausner and Samuel Dieteman. Although Clark didn’t completely agree with that decision, he had no choice but to follow the chain of command.

Who are the Pheonix serial shooters?

The shooters for the Pheonix series were Dale Hausner and Samuel Dieteman. After arresting Dale Hausner and Samuel Dieteman, they were both taken into custody and questioned by Detective Clark. Under cross-examination, Sam revealed that Dale was the killer and that he, too, was part of his act.

Sam also admitted responsibility for some of the shootings and based on that, Detective Clark and Darren convicted them. Sam was found guilty of two murders and sentenced to life in prison and on the other hand, Dale Hausner was found guilty of six murders and took his own life on death row.