Chainsaw Man Chapter 103 English Scans – High Quality

The title suffices to show what’s to come in Chainsaw Man Chapter 103. The wait for the obvious is coming to an end.

Fans are eager to see their hero come into the limelight in season two. And while Asa and Yuko were searching for the devil in the city, these two met by chance. But now, Yoru mentioned that they should get closer to it. Who will save the day now? Here’s everything you need to know about the next Chapter.

In the latter storyline, fans can expect to see their hero take to the stage. Knowing that a demon is openly lurking in the city, he is sure to track down the nuisance and open fire. So keep reading to see what happens next!

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Summary of the previous Chapter!

Chainsaw Man Chapter 101’s title is « Demon Hunter After School. » Chapter starts the next school day. Asa and Yuko share that both of their parents were killed by demons in the past. But just as Yuko goes to the other side, the devil of War comes to Asa to tell her that she should get rid of Yuko now. But Asa was still not ready to commit a heinous crime at this point. Although killing people would give her great strength, she didn’t have enough strength to do so.

In the sequel, she tells the Devil to stop calling her a girl. She has a name, and she just wants to be called by that name. But Yuko was back, and the two of them went on a quest to find the Devil once more. The chapter ends with a demon appearing in front of her. But Yoru knew that she didn’t have the strength to fight it yet.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 103: What will happen next?

Chainsaw Man Chapter 103 English Scans – High Quality

This encounter with the Devil could lead to Yoru losing his secret identity. In the final chapter of Chap it is revealed that Yoru cannot control Asa’s body when she is scared. And so, Yuko and Asa will have to deal with the Devil on their own. This is one of those moments where Chainsaw Man Chapter 103 can bring the appearance of Chainsaw man.

In the second part of the season, the man has yet to appear. And Yoru will also face the hero. Even though they haven’t met. But being in the same area at the same time is bound to bring some chaos. Furthermore, Asa’s power can also be on top as she fights demons with her raw strength.

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Chainsaw Man Chapter 103: Release Date

In the span of a week, fans will see Asa and Yuko are planning the long term. So Chainsaw Man Chapter 103 will release next week without a break. Chap’s final release date is August 18, 2022. Fans can only view all of the manga’s chapters on the official sites of Viz Media, MangaPlus, and Shonen. Finally, follow OtakuGO to get all the same updates.