Ten Shadows Technique

“Demystifying Jujutsu Kaisen’s Ten Shadows Technique

In the realm of cursed techniques within Jujutsu Kaisen, the Ten Shadows Technique stands as an enigmatic and potent art. This technique bestows upon its user the power to manipulate and summon ten distinct shikigami, or cursed spirits, each possessing unique abilities and attributes, to wage battles on their behalf.

The rarity and formidable nature of the Ten Shadows Technique are exemplified by the fact that, as of the present, Megumi Fushiguro remains the sole character in Jujutsu Kaisen known to wield this power. It is not surprising that Sukuna coveted Megumi’s body with such desperation, solely for the opportunity to harness this remarkable technique. Warning: The following discussion contains manga spoilers, as the most recent chapters reveal Sukuna assuming control of Megumi’s body to unleash the mightiest shikigami of all—the Divine General Mahoraga.

But what exactly is the Ten Shadows Technique? How does it function, and why does it elicit such fervent desire? In this article, we will embark on a comprehensive exploration of Jujutsu Kaisen’s Ten Shadows Technique.

Unpacking Megumi’s Ten Shadows Technique

The Ten Shadows Technique traces its origins to the Zenin family, one of the three principal jujutsu sorcerer clans. Esteemed by numerous accomplished jujutsu practitioners, this technique is hailed for its seemingly boundless potential.

Put simply, the technique empowers its user to summon and exert control over ten distinct shikigami through shadow manipulation. Shikigami, manifesting as cursed spirits adopting various forms—ranging from animals to mythical creatures—serve as loyal familiars to their master. Acquiring these shikigami necessitates the user’s triumph over them in an exorcism ritual, thereby compelling the spirits into submission. Once subdued, the shikigami are subject to the user’s complete dominion and can be summoned through intricate hand seals, giving rise to shadowy puppetry that mirrors their respective forms.

However, the Ten Shadows Technique entails that the user alone must vanquish these shikigami to secure control. Should multiple participants engage in a shikigami exorcism ritual, the spirits, even if defeated, will not yield obedience to the individual who invoked them.

This pivotal requirement means that users must confront these shikigami unaided, thus validating their strength and mastery over the spirits. This undertaking is fraught with peril, particularly when facing formidable shikigami like Mahoraga, which have the potential to overpower and eliminate the user.

Megumi’s Application: The Chimera Shadow Garden

Megumi employs the Ten Shadows Technique to weave the fabric of his domain expansion, the Chimera Shadow Garden. A domain expansion comprises an art form that conjures a spatial realm wherein the user’s cursed technique is enhanced while their adversary’s cursed technique is attenuated. Furthermore, it ensures that the user’s inherent technique lands with unwavering precision.

The Chimera Shadow Garden, though an incomplete domain expansion, inundates the surroundings with fluid, dense shadows. This grants Megumi the ability to manifest multiple shikigami and affords advanced manipulation of the available shadows. Within this realm, he can ensnare adversaries within their own shadows, enshrouding the entire space in a negative palette. Anyone standing within the shadows must fortify their feet with cursed energy, lest they plummet into the abyss.

Versatile Applications of the Ten Shadows Technique

The purview of the Ten Shadows Technique extends beyond the summoning of shikigami. Users possess the ability to manipulate shadows to a certain extent. This includes concealing their own bodies or objects within shadows or launching themselves from shadows at will, facilitating surprise attacks or evasion.

When a shikigami is vanquished or perishes, it can no longer be summoned. Yet, the cursed energy left in its wake becomes an integral part of the user, enhancing their strength and power progressively over time.

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An exception to this rule lies in the twin dog shikigami. In the event of one of the divine dogs’ demise, its twin inherits its power and can be summoned in a more formidable guise.

Another exception occurs when the user invokes a shikigami by combining two distinct shadows, exemplified by The Well’s Unknown Abyss. This shikigami, a fusion of Nue and Toad, can create a portal linking disparate locations. Even if this shikigami is eradicated, it does not diminish the powers of Nue or Toad.

The Apex of the Ten Shadows Technique: General Mahoraga

Jujutsu Kaisen 238 Spoilers

Mahoraga claims the mantle of the mightiest and most uncontrollable shikigami among the Ten Shadows Technique. Throughout history, no user has succeeded in taming this formidable entity.

Mahoraga’s distinguishing feature lies in its ability to adapt swiftly to any form of attack following the initial strike. This adaptability permits Mahoraga to counteract any attack or defense it encounters. Its iconic eight-hand wheel symbolizes the adaptation process, revolving with each encounter with a novel stimulus. Consequently, Mahoraga proves to be an immensely challenging adversary due to its capacity to learn from its opponent’s tactics and adapt accordingly.

As previously established, shikigami, once subdued, obediently heed their master’s commands. However, Mahoraga defies convention. It has never yielded to the control or commands of any Ten Shadows Technique user within the annals of the Zenin family’s history. Its uncontrollable nature was so pronounced that even Sukuna, the Cursed King, was compelled to intervene in an exorcism ritual to preserve Megumi’s life.

In Conclusion:

The Ten Shadows Technique stands as a formidable art endowing its user with remarkable versatility and adaptability in combat scenarios. Nevertheless, its effective utilization necessitates a wealth of skill and mastery. The user must proficiently execute intricate hand seals with celerity and precision, proficiently manage their consumption of cursed energy, and facilitate seamless communication with their shikigami. Furthermore, the user must exhibit unwavering resolve in confronting hazardous and potent shikigami in order to subjugate and assimilate them into their arsenal.

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