Doron Dororon Chapter 20 Release Date

Doron Dororon is a manga serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump Anthology Magazine. The story is written and illustrated by mangaka Oosuka Gen. Doron Dororon, first published November 29, 2021.

They say that reading is a good hobby that one must indulge in. Reading manga, therefore, is considered good. Recently, many authors have come up with their own stories through their illustrations. These stories have a way of getting their audience to want more of what they are offering. If the story comes with a lot of mystery and suspense, that’s even better. The Doron Dororon manga recently created something like this. Belonging to the genre of supernatural and dark fantasy, this manga has attracted a lot of readers in just a short time.

Doron Dororon is a manga serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump Anthology Magazine. The story is written and illustrated by mangaka Oosuka Gen. Doron Dororon, was first published on November 29, 2021. So far all 19 Chapters are in Volume 1. Gen Oosuka has other works like Golem Hearts published in Weekly Jump Magazine previously. . Doron Dororon is a manga worthy of its own anime. Fans have been expecting more chapters of this exciting manga.


As noted above, the world that Doron Dororon introduces to us is a dark fantasy world. In this world, along with humans, there exist monsters. These monsters are called Mononoke. They come in many different shapes and sizes. As expected, these monsters also possessed different powers. Mononokes are also known to eat people, an issue that constitutes the main conflict in the series.

Doron Dororon Chapter 20: Beginning of Episode 2

However, these monsters can be defeated by other mononokes or by supernatural powers that some humans possess. So, to destroy them, a special group called “Izanagi Force” was formed. This group consists of skilled swordsmen who are tasked with maintaining peace in society by killing these mononokes.

The main character of the series, Sasaki Dora, dreams of becoming the best swordsman in order to join Team Izanagi. He wishes to do so to avenge his mother’s death. Unfortunately, he cannot join the team because he does not possess any supernatural powers. Things take a turn when he stumbles across Kusanagi, who wishes to live in a peaceful world. The most interesting part of this whole encounter is that Kusanagi is a mononoke. Together, they decide to fight against other mononokes that pose a danger to society.


Doron Dororon, despite having 1 volume consisting of more than 19 chapters, has so far introduced us to three story arcs. The first five Chapters make up the Intro. As the name suggests, it introduces us to the background of this dark fantasy world and how it works. It also introduces us to most of the main characters and gives us a glimpse of the main conflicts in the story. The second arc is called the Hanya Gyuuki Arc. This section includes Chapters six through eleven. In this part, we see Dora and Kusanagi getting along well when they save people. However, after stopping Koma Nezumi’s sacrifice, they summoned the mononoke Hanya Gyuuki. Hanya Gyuuki is a giant mononoke that has killed many people, including Dora’s mother.

Doron Dororon Chapter 20: Beginning of Episode 2

At the end of the movie, Dora is able to cut the mononoke with the help of her friends. Not only that, the boy also asked his mother to watch him and his friends from above. The third and ongoing part of the manga is called the Mononoke Humanoid Attack. This arc includes Chapters from 12 onwards. We are introduced to new characters and new conflicts in the arc. Kusanagi and Dora continued to fight together while protecting those around them. Volume 1 of the manga is slated to end soon, so fans will get plenty of change as the story continues with the second volume.

Doron Dororon Chapter 20 Release Date

The next chapter of Doron Dororon Chap 20 , will be released on Sunday, April 24, 2022. Manga will publish chapters every Sunday.