Dragon Ball Super chapter 81 spoilers

NEW Dragon Ball Super Chapter 81 Spoilers reveal Granolah going after Elec as Gas not only goes as far as to stop Granolah but he also breaks his arms in the process! Let’s talk about all of the really cool things to come in DBS Manga 81, here!

Dragon Ball Super fans are rejoicing as the next release of Chapter 81 draws near. The next set of chapters are crucial to the plot as they could wrap up the Granolah arc. Now that Gas is considered the strongest being in Universe 7, how will he fare against the strongest in the Universe?

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 81 is expected to be released in about a week. Also, some sources took to Twitter to reveal spoilers for the upcoming chapter, leaving fans excited and impatient.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 81 Release Details

The release of the next chapter of the manga series is scheduled for February 21, 2022. However, it should be understood that this date is subject to change as the series has already delayed the release of some of its chapters in the past.

These delays are mainly due to unforeseen circumstances. But Dragon Ball Super has been pretty consistent with its release schedule from previous chapters.

The latest chapters of the series will be available for free on Manga Plus from Shueisha and Viz. However, it will be necessary to pay the subscription to the first platform to access some of the oldest chapters in its catalog.

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Spoilers for the next chapter in the series.

The next chapter will continue to feature the fight between Granolah and Gas. That said, fans have good reason to be concerned, as the latter seems to be brimming with power. As Gas looks at the two Saiyans, the cereal man tries to surprise Elec.

However, things don’t go Granolah’s way as Gas points a finger at Elec and teleports him out of the venue. Elec appears to smile and informs Granolah of his impending death.

He says that there is nothing the cereal man can do to stop Gas from killing him. Granolah proceeds to focus all of his energy on the tip of his finger in an attempt to fire the beam at Elec.

When Cerealan tries to fire the beam at Elec, Gas appears out of nowhere and kicks Granolah in the arm. Looking closer, it appears that Gas kicked him hard enough to break his arm near the elbow joint.

How will Granolah fare against the strongest being in Universe 7? It will be interesting to see how the plot progresses from this point.

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