Kaguya Sama Chapter 255 Spoilers

When Kaguya Sama Chapter 254 titled “Miko Iino Doesn’t Drain Her Noodles” was released, we were amazed. In this clip, we get to see our heroes’ antics to make yakisoba quickly, as they strive to perfect the recipe. It was interesting to see a chapter like this in the middle of an important mission. However, it was an enjoyable read. An entire chapter of the manga was devoted to Yakisoba noodles. Nonetheless, the risk taken by Chika and Hayasaka in the upcoming episode is still fascinating.

Summary of Chapter 254

Chapter 254 begins with Chika and Hayasaka in a taxi on their way to Kyoto, where they give an update on their whereabouts and progress. Hayasaka and Chika decide to spend the night together since Chika is safe with him. During the night, they will stay in the student council room. Shirogane states that they can use the room because it is an alien enclave of the Phoneix Society. Ishigami asks Shirogane if he has yakisoba fast, but the latter reminds him that he does, to calm his hungry stomach. First in line for loot is Shirogane. On the contrary, Ishigami is stunned by what he sees.

Shirogane’s favorite cooking method is to add bean sprouts and sausage at the same time. As a bonus, it adds a serving of vegetables and protein to your plate. It turns out that the optimal way to prepare Beyoung Yakisoba has long been a source of controversy among Japanese food lovers.

To keep the noodles from getting soggy and gross, add the can of sauce, continually stir the noodles, and add a high degree of spice. Finish the dish by sprinkling it with a little ginger. At first, it takes a while for the two boys to realize that the noodles are delicious, but once they do, they are amazed.

The best yakisoba in the world is the Fujinomiya yakisoba, which he claims to have discovered. Shirogane finally admits his mistake and feels terribly bad about the noodles he ruined. Iino encourages him to be careful now for the sake of all the Beyoung he eats in the future. That night, they want to throw a party for the Beyoungs. As soon as we see Hayasaka and Chika surrounded by men, we know that something serious has happened.

Spoilers for episode 255

Shirogane’s plan doesn’t seem to be going as well as expected at the moment. Two of our characters were in danger while the rest of us were fighting Yakisoba and going out to eat. There is nothing more exasperating than waiting to find out what happened on the other side. On the last page, it appears that Hayasaka, Chika, and a group of unidentified men have been enveloped in shadows. Three men, one of whom is bald, appear to be the attackers. I’m curious to know more about how they ended up here and what happens next. Don’t expect to see gore in a young romantic comedy.

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Kaguya Sama Chapter 255 Release Date

According to official manga sources, Kaguya Sama chapter 255 will be released on March 3, 2022. A few days before the manga’s release, Chinese raw scans of Kaguya Sama chapter 255 are available, and early spoilers may appear below. early this week. , if not before.

When can I read the manga online? Kaguya Sama Chapter 255

In other words, V-Jump’s official media websites and apps allow fans to read Kaguya Sama Chapter 255 online. You will get the best manga if you buy it directly from the publisher.

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