Kengan Omega Chapter 147 Spoilers

Kengan fighters unite against the western faction in Kengan Omega Chapter 147 Spoilers.

It seems that the tragic death of Erioh Kure was the final push that brought the best fighters in Japan to work together. Mikazuchi bluntly states that he has an outstanding debt to the Kure clan, and that is the only reason he is here. Also, everyone agrees that the worms will upset the balance of the underworld if left unchecked. Will they enter an all-out war against the western faction in Kengan Omega Chapter 147?

We must not forget that the western faction is not yet defeated. According to the investigators, there were five members of the organization with the personality of Wu Hei. So one of them is always roaming free, and you can’t tell how strong he is. With Edward’s death, the remaining moderates in the faction will be forced to take immediate action. Therefore, a final clash with the Western faction is inevitable. We bring you the latest updates of Kengan Omega manga chapter.

Kengan Omega Chapter 147 Spoilers and Raw Scans

In Chapter 146, Ohma and the other Kengan fighters prepare to fight the enemy that Erioh Kure warned them about before he died. Muteba, Mikazuchi, and Hatsumi must have gotten much stronger all these years, and I can’t wait to see them back on the battlefield. Meanwhile, the president of Toyo Electric, Hayami Katsumasa, is up to something. He wants to take control of the Kengan Association at all costs and orders to consolidate the guardians in one fell swoop. He wants to make the most of this political turmoil and rise through the ranks.

We will get a clearer idea of what is to come when the raw scans and spoilers for Kengan Omega Chapter 147 come out. They usually appear about a day before the chapter’s official release, so be sure to check the site between Tuesday and Wednesday.

Chapter 146 Summary

In Chapter 146, Edward Wu even laughs after such an embarrassing defeat and says that this is just the beginning of a big party. Before he can say any more nonsense, Raian finishes him off by knocking his head to the ground. Wu Xing immediately bursts into tears upon witnessing the brutal death of his teacher.

When Ohma arrives, it is too late to save Erioh Kure. Even someone as skilled as Dr. Hanafusa couldn’t have saved him from such serious injuries. The old man calls Ohma his great-grandson and warns him of a mysterious enemy far superior to him. In his last sentence, he asks Raian to become much stronger so he can help Ohma in the future. With this, the epic story of First Fang of Metsudo comes to an end.

Later, Ohma enters the room where Hatsumi, Muteba, and Mikazuchi are waiting for her. It seems that everyone is ready to exterminate the remaining members of the Worm in order to bring stability to the underworld. Also, helping the Kure fight the Western faction is his final way of paying tribute to Erioh. Meanwhile, Kathara Meysudo receives news of the death of her old friend. She barely manages to contain her pained expression and walks away from her. We are treated to a flashback to the day the two great fighters met for the first time.

For his part, President Katsumasa of Toyo Electric couldn’t help but rejoice at Erioh’s death. He remembers the day Erioh poured acid on his face and nearly tortured him to death. Now that Erioh is dead, no one can stop him from taking over the Kengan Association. Therefore, he immediately asks to gather the guards.

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Kengan Omega Chapter 147 Release Date

Kengan Omega Chapter 147 will be released on Wed 16 Feb 2022. Usually, a new Kengan Omega manga chapter is released every Wednesday unless there is a delay.

Where to read Kengan Omega manga online?

The Kengan Omega manga is published on the official Comikey website, which comes out every Wednesday. The first four chapters are available for free, but you must subscribe if you want to read the entire series. The site also makes the newest chapter available for free for a few hours, so stay tuned.

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