Kingdom Chapter 711 English

Kingdom Chapter 711 English Release Date

The release date of Kingdom Chapter 711 English will be February 28, 2022. The raw scans of Kingdom Chapter 711 have not been released yet. These scans usually appear online 4-3 days before the weekly release.

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Just look at gorgeous art in these panels

Kingdom Chapter 711 Manga Read

The English translation of the Japanese manga Kingdom Chapter 711 English can be found on the To Love-Ru manga site and it will be better to wait for the official release to help the authors.

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The manga fictionally depicts the Warring States over a span of 500 years, primarily through the exploits of the war orphan Xin and his friends vying for the greatest thing under the heavens.

During the War of the Nations in China, Li Xin and Piao are two brothers who, despite their status as orphaned slaves, aspire to become great generals. One day, they meet a nobleman who offers Piao the opportunity to perform an important task in the Qin Royal Palace.

Xin and Piao vow to change their ways to one day become the best generals in the world. In the aftermath of the bloody coup, Xin meets the dying Piao, whose last words propel him into action and bring him face to face with Ying Zheng, the young future king of Qin.

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Xin and Zheng are initially at a loss, but they quickly become friends and embark on a dangerous journey. Zheng’s goal is to subjugate all nations at war to Qin, while Xin aspires to the highest ranks in the military. They work to achieve their colossal ambitions, which will change history forever, against the backdrop of an endless tactical battle between states both outside and inside the palace, as well as great political instability.

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