Kingdom’s story is turning in an interesting direction. The events of war become more interesting with each passing Chap. During the previous outing, Shin convinced his men to give up their position from the right to return to the left.

Both Kanki and Riboku noticed what Shin was up to. But by the end of the chapter, Riboku decided that he was going to lunge at Kanki and pass both right and left. So here’s everything you need to know about Kingdom Chapter 718 .

In the next chapter, fans can expect to witness a direct attack on Kanki’s army. It can be seen that Kanki did not send reinforcements to Shin when he needed them most. Will this rift lead to the defeat of the Qin army? Only the next Chapter can give us all the answers.

Summary of the previous chapter!

The 717th chapter of the Kingdom begins with Shin announcing that they will change their plans. The entire right wing will give up their positions and move to the other side. Shin’s troops were shocked to hear what he had just commanded. He tells Ten that there is no reason to continue protecting Kanki. The man didn’t even send reinforcements to them. Then he came up with the idea that they needed to light a fire. This was the only way they could hope to win Riboku’s plan.

On the other side, Kanki was also shocked to see Qin’s right wing running away from the fight. Riboku was waiting to see if this army would continue moving in the other direction or if they would stop right in front of them. Shin continued to move and ordered his men to destroy the enemies around Gakuka. The chapter ends with Riboku claiming to attack Kanki even though he knows this action is risky.

Kingdom Chapter 718: What will happen next?

Plot details for the next Chapter of Kingdom have yet to be announced on the discussion thread. But there’s enough evidence in the previous chapter to tell us what happens next. After Shin left his Right Wing position and moved to Mouten’s side, Riboku was amazed that this plan was out of his hands. However, he was fixed on one thought. The commander declared that he would not avoid diving deep into the flanks of the main army and dealt a fatal blow to Kanki.

Now, the story of Kingdom Chapter 718 will unfold with Riboku leading his frontline army into Kanki’s flank. Although this plan was a big risk since Kanki’s forces were large in number, there was an equal chance that they could achieve this victory. So now, both sides risk losing the war equally.

Kingdom Chapter 718: Release Date

There is no interruption in the release of the next Chapter of Kingdom. As the epic continues with its war story, fans can only sit back and enjoy the chaos. So Kingdom Chapter 718 will be released later this week. The proper release date is April 24, 2022. All chapters of the manga will be found on the official Kodansha pages.