Mercenary Enrollment 76

Yu Ijin finally showed his supremacy in the fight against the bodyguards of the Bailey Group. The upcoming Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 76 will introduce the next enemy of Ijin

Even after being offered triple the money and an official position, she refused to work for him.

Ijin has strong ties to the SW group and therefore wants to stay with them. He is still a student who had a complicated past, so he just wants a peaceful life for now. He wants to spend his adolescence alone as a student.

Ijin has no plans to turn professional any time soon. He just wants to live a peaceful life with his sister and his grandfather.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 76

Now that the incident with the Bailey group is over, the mercenary group he was affiliated with in the past will surely return. How will he treat the mercenaries who come after him?

We’re also expecting an anime adaptation of Mercenary Enrollment to be announced soon, possibly alongside One Punch Man Season 3.

Ijin hid from his old mercenary group for a long time. So who will be the one to chase him this time?

The Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 76 Raw Scans will be the first to be released and will hopefully be available on March 11, 2022. They can be found on the official JHS and Naver websites.

The official translations are a bit behind schedule, the Webtoon Line app has only managed to publish 38 chapters so far. So you will have to wait a bit if you want to read Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 76 officially.

Nano Machine chapter 96 and Eleceed chapter 184 will also be released this week.

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Ijin’s next opponent

Lewis Bailey probably won’t try to go after Ijin again.

Although Lewis told Ijin to stay away from Shin Yuna, he doesn’t have the power to impose anything. So Ijin needn’t worry. The Bailey Group chapter is almost over.

So who will be Ijin’s next opponent and when will he appear? Before any other agents or local agencies try to get in Ijin’s way, we believe he will be discovered by his former affiliated mercenary group and send elite assassins against him.

Ijin helped No. 032 and No. 006 escape from the group. Therefore, it is likely that the group will soon find out about his existence. What will it be like when mercenaries flood your city and try to take it back?

Ijin has made a number of allies since his return, now he has people he can count on. If the mercenary group decides to send people to assassinate Ijin or even bring him back, his loyal former teammates and current allies can help.

Raw scans of Mercenary Enrollment 76 will reveal what Ijin will do next. But we’ll have to wait a while before we know what’s going on.

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