My Hero Academia Chapter 347 Spoilers

Fans were hoping that the focus would shift to other ongoing fights in My Hero Academia Chapter 347 Spoilers.

Given that both Deku and Uraraka have been confirmed to be on the cover of Weekly Shonen Jump #16, which comes out next week, that makes sense.

This chapter leaves the fight in UA in the balance, but only after assuring readers of Mirko’s survival. Shigaraki’s new evolution spells trouble for all heroes.

In the final chapter, a large number of pro-heroes and student-heroes banded together to make UA stronger against Shigaraki.

Monoma copied the Erase and used it to undo all of Shigaraki’s quirks. However, Shigaraki began to sprout hands from his left arm. This growth invaded UA and attacked Mirko.

My Hero Academia Chapter 347 Spoilers is titled “Inflation”.

My Hero Academia Chapter 347 begins with the heroes asking Monoma what went wrong. Monoma assures everyone that Aizawa’s Delete and Copy are working properly.

Shigaraki answers this question himself stating that it is a natural growth of his body, similar to the growth of nails or hair. He adds that this outcome was predicted in Dr. Garaki’s quirk and singularity theory, which the heroes ignore because they refuse to take it seriously.

However, he is immediately given spare parts and the team of heroes prepares to face Shigaraki.

Mandalay manages to contact Deku, who informs them that Toga took him to Okuto Island. He asks Aizawa to teleport him to the United States. However, since Monoma can only use one copied Quirk at a time, he will need to disable Erase to activate Warp Gate. Best Jeanist estimates that the entire process should take 10 seconds total.

However, at this point, Shigaraki’s hands have completely covered the UA, allowing him to activate Decay as soon as Monoma releases Erasure. Considering the risks, Aizawa tells Deku to go to UA alone while they try to stop Shigaraki.

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My Hero Academia chapter 347 then moves to Okuto Island, located 200km off the coast in the Pacific Ocean. Chapter 325’s aquarium is the main attraction on the island and Gang Orca is its manager.

He is currently seen fighting Moonfish and various Nomus, who overwhelm the heroes. Asui informs Sirius that the last attack separated them from Uraraka and Deku.

Elsewhere, Deku informs Uraraka that he must return to UA alone and she urges him to hurry. However, Toga lunges at Deku with her knife, sincerely begging him not to leave her because she loves him.

The fourth OFA user, Hikage Shinomori, informs Deku that Danger Sense considers a person’s intent behind an act, not the act itself.


Most fans have speculated that Mirio Togata would likely take part in the fight against Shigaraki, as his quirk would be a nice counter to this new development.

Since My Hero Academia Chapter 347 shows Sirius on Okuto Island, Selkie and other members of the Oki Mariner crew should also be present there.

Toga’s statement in My Hero Academia Chapter 347 shocked fans. However, it has been theorized that Deku will probably leave for the United States, while Uraraka will stay here to take care of Toga.

Horikoshi said at Jump Festa 2022 that Toga and Ochako will work as foils and have a showdown before the series ends. My Hero Academia chapter 348 might focus on this one by one.

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