My Hero Academia 350 Spoiler

Deku has a long way to go and the upcoming My Hero Academia 350 Spoiler will show if he can make it on time.

Much of the latest chapter is devoted to Deku’s journey. Because despite its appearance, he had to cross 200 km and reach a floating arena.

This week, the series got its lead cover. And it has beautiful pictures of Mirko and Bakugo. This probably means that the duo will definitely have an integral role in the latest chapters.

Their fight against Shigaraki is sure to leave us in awe.

The Endeavor family conflict is a major part of this installment. We found that the internal issues were more or less resolved. Endeavor is making atonement in front of you.

All that remains, is to purify everything with the elder brother.

Dabi will be an integral part of the story. Right now, we see him as an influential villain who is fighting his little brother. Aside from his incredible desire for revenge, what defines him as a villain? We can find out in My Hero Academia 350.

There are also rumors that a My Hero Academia Season 6 release date will be announced soon.


How far can Deku go to One for All now? Our prediction is that he can at least go up to 80 percent. And this assumes he’s not balancing his other quirks at this point.

At the end of My Hero Academia, we’ll definitely see him hit 100%. But that’s not the challenge anymore.

Deku has to get to 100 percent while balancing his other quirks. This moment when he reaches perfection will probably be the moment when he becomes a perfect hero.

We believe it is a thing of the future, the quality of the Deku Adult. My Hero Academia Chapter 350 will show him traveling as fast as he can.

Why should Deku travel more cautiously?

Currently, Deku is using Float in conjunction with Fa Jin to cruise on the water. He goes quite fast but the speed is not satisfactory. He longs to have specific things nearby, so he can cling to and push himself, just like Spider-Man!

Deku wants to use his 100% Faux and move even faster. However, the second piece of advice is against it. He says that Deku must trust his friends to cover for him. His gear must be in proper shape when he’s facing the villains.

The raw scan of My Hero Academia 350 might also give us an idea of ​​the Second’s oddities.

In the future, Deku will use the Second’s superpower. Obviously, it has changed from before. So we can’t wait to see how this is portrayed in the manga.

Plus, we also expect to see more modifications in Deku’s equipment. The better equipped he is, the better he can unleash his abilities.

What will Toga be like?

Following the previous chapter, we see that Toga is currently in serious mode. She is about to confront Asui and Ochaco. But just as Toga will stay true to his true nature in Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 350, we will see Ochaco do the same. We are hyped about this battle!

As Toya pointed out, villains also have their goals. Toga wants to change the world and make it accept her for who she is. Iguchi is trying to destroy the current racism in society.

Kamino ward

A lot of things are about to happen in the raw version of My Hero Academia Chap 350 raw, how’s the situation in Kamino Ward?

Things are turning bleak near the statue of All Might. The whole place is on fire and Dabi is showing his true power. In fact, the heat was so great that Iida couldn’t rush in to help her teammates.

It was assigned to Shoto and three people from the Endeavor Agency.

They are pumped about fighting Dabi.

As for Shoto, he’s more serious than ever. He no longer holds many grudges against Endeavor. And the three from the Agency truly respect their father despite the news about his family life. So we basically have one side of the effort in favor and the other against the effort!

In the raw scan of My Hero Academia 350, we expect to hear about Dabi’s story. How exactly did Toya Todoroki turn into such a terrifying villain?

We are delighted to find out. As the two brothers fight in this battle, the plot will be revealed to us.


We have a breakup coming up. So, My Hero Academia 350 raw scans will arrive around April 6, 2022. You’ll find the raw scans in the next issue of Weekly Shonen Jump. Here, the raw scans will be extracted.

Next, we come to the translations. Most of the fans can’t read Japanese, so we need these fan translations. On April 9, 2022, we will find the English translation for fans of mha chap 350.

Now, there will be even more translations into other languages, but their release is uncertain.

Official English translation of My Hero Academia 350 is what we recommend you to see. Just go to viz media website, mangaplus website, or shonen jump app. These are legitimate sources that provide this Chapter for free. The release date is April 10, 2022.

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