My Hero Academia Chapter 364 – Manga Online High Quality

My Hero Academia Chapter 364 - Manga Online High Quality

the spoiler of My Hero Academia Chapter 364 is on its way to tell us more. Before we discuss spoilers further, let’s sum up what the new Chap has told us.

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My Hero Academia 364 Spoiler

The reveal of My Hero Academia Chapter 364 is yet to come. We usually update fixes and rough scans as they go live, by Thursday at the latest, if not earlier. Therefore, always follow this article so as not to miss updates from us. You can also bookmark this article to save.

Meanwhile, let’s discuss some fan theories and predictions.

Horikoshi was planning to get a student’s attention again. But as far as he sees it now, they all always end up with life-threatening injuries and have to be sidelined right after.

However, their shining moments are always something worth reading. Now is Tamaki’s time to shine and show her true potential. The next chapter will be stolen by him, hoping to turn the battle in their favor.

As for Jeanist and Bakugo, they stayed away from the battlefield even if Shigaraki wouldn’t leave them alone. He even exposed Togata’s motives for buying time by distracting him.

However, looking at Chap’s final board, Tamaki seems ready with his big move. Hado and Togata must support him as much as they can. So the next chapter will really capture the Big 3’s teamwork and respect for each other.

Another important confirmation we received is that Tenko is still there. Though buried somewhere deep in Shigaraki’s consciousness, Tenko was still able to prevent the AFO from taking power completely. Perhaps there is still hope for Shigaraki.

Considering this revelation, it’s very likely that Midoriya will somehow get past Shagaraki when they finally fight. But currently, there is no news about Midoriya or who approached him on his way.

We will wait for the next Chap to tell us more and confirm our predictions and theories.

My Hero Academia Chapter 364 Release Date

My Hero Academia Chapter 364 will premiere on August 21, 2022, according to Shueisha. So the next chapter is on time, and we don’t have any rest next week. Based on spoilers, we will see Tamaki’s strong side, and the spotlight will be on him.