My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 124: Release Date

Koichi’s condition after Six’s final attack is highly uncertain. The vigilante could be seriously injured or at least face a few injuries.

Koichi brought a tough fight to his opponents while carrying many wounds. So he may need aid ASAP. On the brighter side, Pop step and Knuckleduster have finally recovered. However, it is uncertain whether they will continue to outlaws or become civilians. My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 124 will answer all such questions. Plus, the main focus will be on Koichi’s future from here on out. So here’s everything about it.

The upcoming chapter will continue the developments after the great damage caused to the city of Naruhata. It will be seen if there are any casualties or Koichi and the other heroes can save every citizen. Furthermore, what will happen in the future for Pop Step and Knuckleduster? The next chapter will highlight these details.

Summary of the previous chapter!

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 123 begins with Present Mic announcing that the fire bombers have been taken care of and the city is finally free. He then made sure everyone followed the heroes’ instructions and reached a safe haven. Right after that, Aizawa came to watch. Mic and Aizawa were present to discuss the current situation. Meanwhile, All For One tries to control Number Six to attack more on Koichi. He also asked him to retrieve his body when Koichi was already dead.

So Number Six went on foot to find Koichi, and after finding him on the rooftop, he talked about leaving evidence of his existence. Koichi can’t understand and asks him to seek help. The very determined Six attacked Koichi, wounding him in the face. In his final moments, Number Six asserts that he has no more memories to recall. However, a familiar Pop Step song rang in his head. Apparently, Pop Step sang it from afar. In the end, Six destroyed himself. In the last table, Koichi is found on the ground.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 124: What Happens Next?

The young vigilante’s condition has yet to be determined. Aizawa finds Koichi on the floor, but he is already unconscious. This proves that the boy is seriously injured after the long battle and the last encounter with the opponent. So, My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 124 can find Koichi in a hospital fighting to recover and join the others. He’s done a great job, and now it’s time for him to rest. Moreover, his future projects are in doubt.

It is possible that Koichi will become a full-time hero after that. He will definitely be seen with a scar after Six’s attack. However, this will stay as a memory of his heroic deeds. On the other hand, he will also meet Pop Step and Knuckleduster. Both officers are now alive and in good health. So a union will soon be born. All For One’s location is unknown, but after Six’s defeat, there’s very little chance of him staying.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 124: Release Date

This may be the last time readers see Koichi as a vigilante as he could soon be called a hero. So, My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 124 will release on April 23, 2022, on Viz Media.