One Piece 1094

One Piece 1094: Full Recap! A Game-Changing Chapter

The much-awaited One Piece Chapter 1094 has been unleashed, and we’re here to provide you with the translated spoilers right away. Dive into the exciting details below!

The chapter opens with a vibrant cover, promoting the special anime “Monsters.” It features all members of the Shimotsuki family, including zombie Ryuma, Zoro, Kuina, Koushirou, Kozaburo, Yasuie, and Ushimaru, along with Onimaru. Zombie Ryuma and Zoro are poised for action, with a young Ryuma and the shadow of a dragon in the background. The words “Ippyakusan Jou Hiryuu Jigoku” (referring to Zoro’s attack against King) are inscribed in Japanese.

The action kicks off with Pacifistas obeying Atlas’s commands, launching an assault on the Marines. Bonney joins the fray, introducing a new attack called “NDE” (Near Death Experience). She fires her gun at the Marines, inducing hallucinations of their impending demise.

Subsequently, Bonney confronts two vice-admirals. One of them, a man with a long chin and mustache (whose name remains undisclosed in this chapter), wields a lengthy pole with a massive shell at the end.

The other vice-admiral is an elderly woman named “Bluegrass,” who has consumed the “Nori Nori no Mi,” granting her the ability to ride and control anything she mounts. Bluegrass is currently riding one of the Pacifistas, rendering Bonney powerless.

Just in the nick of time, Sanji leaps from “VegaTank 8” to rescue Bonney.

A magical circle, adorned with a five-pointed star and a number 5 symbol, suddenly materializes at the heart of Egghead Island amid bursts of fiery explosions and black lightning.

A Marine announcement reverberates, heralding the presence of Saint Saturn on the island. Lower-ranking Marines are warned not to make direct eye contact with Saint Saturn, yet one Marine disregards the warning and meets Saturn’s gaze, resulting in his head exploding.

Saturn’s visage becomes apparent: the lower half of his body takes on a spider-like appearance reminiscent of Black Maria, featuring a flame-like pattern. Saturn’s hair and beard cascade like flowing clouds, with a dark cloud enveloping his neck, much like Lucci or Kaku. His human-like face exhibits a broader nose and is crowned with two imposing horns, and he dons a hat.

It appears that he is harnessing his awakened hybrid form, though this remains unconfirmed in the chapter. The identity of his Devil Fruit also remains unverified, but Saturn bears a striking resemblance to an Ushi-Oni (or Gyuki), a youkai from Western Japanese folklore.

The narrative then shifts to Luffy versus Kizaru. As they engage in combat, Kizaru expresses his inability to continue fighting without jeopardizing his mission. He swiftly takes flight at tremendous speed, targeting Vegapunk. A laser beam from Kizaru’s attack is aimed at “VegaTank 8,” narrowly missing it but obliterating the cloud road, causing the vehicle to plummet to the ground.

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Suddenly, Saturn’s commanding voice resonates across Egghead Island.

Saturn: “Pacifists, halt!!”

All the formidable figures on the island, including Luffy, Kizaru, Zoro, Lucci, Sanji, Jinbe, Vice Admirals, come to an abrupt halt as they sense an unusual aura.

Following this interruption, “Luffy vs. Kizaru” resumes. Luffy closes the gap between them.

Kizaru: “This form has already reached its limit, hasn’t it?”

Luffy delivers a new attack named “Gomu Gomu no Star Gun” (Gum-Gum White Star Gun – B), with his punch intersecting Kizaru’s akin to Kaidou in Onigashima. However, this time, the attack unleashes a dazzling display of lightning effects.

Kizaru: “Ohh, this is bad…”

Luffy and Kizaru descend to the ground together, with Saturn observing Luffy’s descent.

Saturn: “Nika…”

Upon reaching the ground, Luffy turns his attention to the elderly man.

In the chapter’s concluding double-page spread, Saturn confronts Bonney, Sanji, Vegapunk, and Franky. Bonney experiences a flashback but the identities of the individuals in her memory remain undisclosed.

Bonney’s Memories: “I issued the order, Vegapunk!! No conscience should remain!! But if you do this, Kuma will…”

Following this recollection, Bonney leaps and thrusts a sword into Saturn’s chest, causing blood to flow from his wound…

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