One Piece 1095 Scan Raw

One Piece 1095 Scan Raw Images: An Ultra-Comprehensive Chapter Summary!

Introduction: A summary of the entire One Piece 1095 Scan Raw, which is relatively short, spanning only 15 pages of content.

One Piece 1095 Scan Raw

Page 1:

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The chapter commences with the vice admirals poised to intervene and aid Saint Saturn. However, Saturn issues an order for them to stand down, asserting that he could easily evade Bonney’s attack if he wished to. Saturn proceeds to extract the sword from his body, and strangely, his blood vanishes.

Page 2:

Saturn launches an attack on Bonney and Sanji, emanating an aura from his eyes. Both Bonney and Sanji are struck in the head, causing blood to flow, yet their heads do not explode. Kizaru, still incapacitated on the ground, offers an apology to Saturn.

Saturn: “Your progress is unusually sluggish this time.”

Page 3:

Saturn endeavors to stomp Luffy, but Franky intervenes, rescuing his captain. Luffy remains conscious but does not speak in this chapter. Vegapunk, Bonney, Sanji, and Franky find themselves immobilized by Saturn’s enigmatic power.

Vegapunk: “If this isn’t a scientific power, then it must be a Devil Fruit ability‚Ķ!!” Saturn seizes Bonney and squeezes her.

Bonney: “You killed my father!!” They engage in a dance, synchronized with the Nika drum’s rhythm. A brief flashback of a young Bonney interacting with Kuma is shown:

Kuma: “Bonney, I want to be someone who liberates people like Nika.”

Page 4:

Returning to the present, Saturn discloses that Kuma belongs to the “Buccaneer Race,” individuals with a criminal history. The “Buccaneer Race” seems to have Giant blood, imparting exceptional strength. A new flashback unfolds, set 47 years ago in the Sorbet Kingdom, where Kuma was born into a regular family. His father was a “Buccaneer Race” member, while his mother was a regular human.

Page 5:

Information concerning Kuma’s bloodline was leaked to a World Government agent at the hospital. Consequently, Kuma’s entire family was captured and turned into slaves in Mary Geoise due to their remarkable strength. After Kuma’s mother’s demise, his father recounts the legend of Nika, an ancestral tale among “Buccaneer Race” members. His father simulates the sound of Nika’s drumbeat, beginning to dance for Kuma, but he is abruptly shot in the head by a Tenryuubito for creating too much noise.

Page 6:

A flashback to 38 years ago emerges. Tenryuubito MC elucidates that every three years, the Tenryuubito descend from Mary Geoise to conduct a human hunt on an island unaffiliated with the government. Tenryuubito liberate troublesome slaves on the island and subsequently eliminate them along with the native population.

Page 7:

Afterward, the World Government claims the island as its own. In this specific year, the island selected by the Tenryuubito was “God Valley” in the West Blue, a land abundant with valuable resources, daring to employ the word “God” in its name. The king of “God Valley” attempts to thwart them but is killed by Saint Figarland Garling. This year’s contender for the “champion” in the hunt is Garling, an attractive young figure with a distinctive half-moon hairstyle, who has numerous Tenryuubito swooning over him.

Page 8:

Saturn is also present on “God Valley,” looking precisely as he does in the current time. Saturn receives word that the escaped child slave known as the “Buccaneer” has been recaptured. On the last page of the chapter, Kuma is seen being dragged onto the scene by other slaves. This segment serves as a continuation of the flashback that Bonney witnessed in Chapter 1074.

Page 9:

Two enigmatic figures abruptly appear. One of them exclaims, “Hey haw!! Hold on, guys!! You must be the ‘Buccaneer,’ the star of it all! I see what they mean; you guys are really huge!! They say the blood of Giants runs through you!!”

Page 10:

The two shadowy individuals are revealed to be two child slaves: a young Emporio Ivankov and a girl named REDON Jinny/Cinny. Wankov’s appearance closely resembles her adult self.

Page 11:

Jinny/Ginny, a cheerful girl with short hair, is enjoying a piece of meat. She comments on the enormity of her big brother. Ivankov responds by saying that’s not the current topic of discussion.

Page 12:

Ivankov initiates a conversation with Kuma, inquiring if he was among the seven who chose to live.

The chapter concludes with the promise of a break next week. Stay tuned to akudamadrive for the latest news and updates!