One Piece Chapter 1041 Spoilers

After some of the best action sequences in the series, we move on to the final parts of this battle. Fans are very excited to see what will happen in One Piece Chapter 1041 Spoilers.

This final chapter is one of the best we’ve ever had for Wano.

Remember that there were 5 main threads to resolve before Luffy fought Kaido. Three of them were solved in this chapter and nothing was forced! We can’t wait to see where the narrative takes us with Momo and Zunisha. This will surely be important at the end of the series.

We believe that the next volume, namely One Piece Volume 102, will arrive in March. The last departures were made in June, September, and December. In this scheme, the next volume is scheduled for the first week of March. We are excited about this volume because there will be Sanji and Zoro battles!

One Piece Chapter 1041

On the adaptations front, One Piece is dry. No updates were found regarding One Piece Movie: Red and live-action. We hope to see you soon. Obviously, these are very exciting projects. The former involves Shanks and the latter has great potential to make the series even more popular.

We are looking forward to One Piece 1041, especially for this Zunisha story! By now, Momo and Yamato know a lot about the past since they read Oden’s diary. And we can’t wait to see what they found. Will we discover Joyboy’s identity? Only time will tell.

One Piece Chapter 1041 Raw Scan Release Date

There’s a break next week. This is one of the breaks taken by Oda sensei for her health. After 3 chapters, we take a break. And after this break, there will be 3 more consecutive chapters.

The first, is the Japanese version. These raw scans are taken directly from the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump. We look forward to One Piece 1041 raws on February 23, 2022.

After the disclosure of the raws, the scanners take the time to translate the entire chapter. The process takes about 2 days. The Korean, French, and English scans are expected to be released on February 25, 2022.

As for the official English scans of One Piece 1041, we know that it will be released on February 27, 2022, thus closing the month. You can find them for free on the shonen jump plus app, mangaplus, or viewing sites. We recommend these as they are legal.

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One Piece Manga 1041 Talk

Right now, it’s all too easy to get lost in Joyboy’s guesswork. Perhaps he was a giant and therefore Zunisha was his comrade. Maybe that’s why Imu-sama has such a gigantic straw hat. Or maybe Joyboy was normal and Zunisha got big.

We’ve heard of those theories that Zunisha is someone with a mythical zoan. We may find out in One Piece 1041 manga spoilers, but the breakup will be hard to bear.

Life attack or slave

In the last chapter, we saw Big Mom being weakened by Law’s gigantic sword, then she was defeated by Kidd’s Damned Punk attack. However, she is a yonko, probably the most durable. In the current chapter, we see that she is still alive and well.

The impressive thing is that he still has the energy to fight another fight. The same cannot be said for Kidd and Law. They were completely exhausted and if Big Mom had stood up, they would have lost.

Things seemed desperate when Mom cast Soul Pocus to draw out the souls of people nearby. Raw One Piece chapter 1041 will show whether or not they can still fight.

In his rage, he ripped out their souls in search of energy. 50 years of his life or the rest of his life to spend as slaves! Life or slavery would have been the fate of Law or Kidd, had they lost.

However, both captains showed incredible courage: they were not afraid of mom at all.

Has Big Mom been defeated?

As a final measure, Law had to draw another technique from his arsenal. Law’s Silence technique is based on the Heart ability. Whoever is in his K-Room will be silent. From the outside, you won’t hear a thing from them. By using this technique to trap Mom, he saved everyone from his threats.

Kidd shot him with another Damned Punk. This time, the attack knocked her across the floor toward the armory. She destroyed the falling Yokai and took much of the bombs from the arsenal. She fell through the hole Law had made earlier.

The chapter confirmed that Mama was defeated. We will probably see Law and Kidd get cured in One Piece 1041 English chapter. However, we have to remember that Big Mom is not dead.

She was defeated but lives. Still, she’s definitely out of the game now.

What did Big Mom say to Roger?

As she fell, Big Mom remembered Roger. We know that they have been rivals in the past and probably fought during the God Valley incident. We see Big Mom tease Roger as he falls.

He gave a speech that launched the age of pirates. He just got up and died. And that left the Yonko to deal with all the upstarts and rookies.

He also criticizes him for not telling them more about One Piece. In the end, even as a Yonko, he ended up having very little information about One Piece. In One Piece 1041 manga spoilers, we might find out things that this Yonko didn’t know.

The situation on the battlefield.

The chapter gave us glimpses of many other characters. We see that Yamato has frozen the armory, making it safe for people. And with the Yokai set, he can keep going. Honestly, the yokai was just an annoyance and we’re glad it’s been fixed.

We see that Raizo is done with his fight. In the end, Raizo’s will triumphed. Fukurokujo couldn’t stand the heat and collapsed. Raizo won; he is truly a disciple of Oden.

Elsewhere, the libertines are doing fine for now, except for Zoro. He is lying face down, injured. We think he needs a doctor ASAP. Maybe Franky will meet him in the next chapter.

One Piece 1041 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1041 Spoilers for the series have gotten a bit spotty. A few months ago, we had regular leaks and often early spoilers. This phenomenon has faded, but the spoilers are still there.

We hope to find confirmed One Piece Chapter 1041 Spoilers before February 20, 2022.

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