There are some clues until One Piece chapter 1046 regarding Joy Boy’s true identity.

Before One Piece 1046, there was a theory that Joy Boy was the first god to create the Devil Fruit.


The following is the discussion of One Piece chapter 1046 compiled about who Joy Boy really is.

The theory states that Joy Boy once created various mythical creatures with his imagination, including a legendary dragon.

The Void Century dragon betrays its creator, the Joy Boy, along with other mythical creatures that honor their masters.

The dragon then felt guilty seeing Joy Boy die after being attacked by an alliance from 20 other kingdoms during the Void Century.

Legendary samurai Ryuma, Joy Boy’s best friend finally slays the dragon.

But there is a second possibility related to Joy Boy’s connection to the Devil Fruit.

In the past, there were only two Devil Fruits of God’s type and one mythical creature.

At that time, the World Government possessed the devil fruit of the mythical dragon Kaido and used it to destroy Joy Boy.

This has been demonstrated by the World Government currently insisting on recreating Kaido’s Devil Fruit through Vegapunk’s doctor.

That’s why the World Government insisted on creating a dragon devil fruit, they wanted to prepare if Joy Boy was reincarnated one day.

The Dragon Devil Fruit has now been eaten by the strongest creature Kaido.

When Kaido ate Uo Uo no Mi, he inherited the will of the dragon that once killed Joy Boy.

Kaido wants to be Joy Boy because he now has the will of a dragon.

The dragon once felt guilty and wanted to make sure Joy Boy’s dream came true.

Kaido realizes that he can’t be Joy Boy and tries to make him with Devil Fruit Smile.

So, most likely at the end of Wano Arc, Kaido will help Joy Boy, who is none other than Luffy himself.

Joy Boy in One Piece 1046 will free Kaido from all his mistakes and he will forgive the dragon that betrayed him before.


One Piece Chapter 1046 Release Date

The release of One Piece Chapter 1046 caught viewers’ interest due to the chronological order of the chapter, even though fans were repeatedly disappointed with the presentation of the previous chapter. Fans are now eagerly awaiting the release of the next episode.

They want to know exactly what will happen in the future chapter. The plot of the manga is quite fascinating as the fans are always keeping their eyes on what is going to happen in the next installment of the manga.

The One Piece manga series is a great source of fun for those who love to read the manga. Many people choose to spend their free time reading manga over other forms of literature. There are only ten days left until the release of the next chapter of the series (Chapter 1046).

There are different platforms available to watch and read manga online. As of this writing, manga volumes are available from a variety of leading reading websites. One Piece Chapter 1046 Will be Set to release on April 10, 2022, according to the official website. Keep following us for additional information as it becomes available. twitter.

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