One Piece Chapter 1056 Manga Online High Quality: New Bounty!

Another incredible Chap released yesterday shows a glimpse of Shanks’ mastery of Haki Conqueror/Supreme King. As Rayleigh demonstrated, the Color of the Supreme King is the embodiment of the user’s spirit, and the only thing to make it stronger is to make the user stronger. Shanks’ Supreme King Haki is powerful enough to force an Admiral to leave Wano from a great distance. It reveals how powerful Shanks is.

Also, this is the first time we’ve seen Haki explosions from Shanks, the strongest user. Many fans are also looking forward to seeing Shanks in One Piece Chapter 1056 . But is it possible or will he come in the future after a while? Let’s discuss this in the One Piece Chapter 1056 Spoiler article .

Shanks won’t go to Wano because if he had to, he wouldn’t use the Haki blast on Aramaki instead of meeting him face to face. Also, the fact that Luffy knows Shanks sent Haki is a good end to his role for the time being. In addition, we also see the silhouette of Uta in the promotional chapter for the release of One Piece Film Red.

The final chapter shows that Aramaki’s ability to grow from sprouts anywhere has really been magnified. And his stance is similar to that of Aokiji and Kizaru, corresponding to anywhere from ice and light. Not only that, like Doflamingo, he can also cover the end of his stem/root with Armed Haki, which he uses to stab the inside of an opponent’s body.

Aramaki is certainly strong enough to be an Admiral who has captured the Scabbards, Momo, and even Yamato, but the circumstances here are different. Now the level of the Worst Generation is surpassing the old Yonko. That’s why even the Marines (especially the Admirals) and the World Government are terrified of confronting the new age.

Shanks learns that Aramaki has come to take down Luffy as he is exhausted from his fight with Kaido. It was true to a certain extent, as Luffy fell into a deep sleep for a week after the battle.

He assumes Luffy is still recovering from the battle, but here he is, enjoying Dango and watching things from afar. In addition, the way Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and Jinbe sat down to discuss shows that they have grown too much in terms of experience.

The True History of Wano Kuni

As demonstrated by Kozuki Sukiyaki, the original Wano introduced 800 years ago lies at the bottom of the sea. Due to some circumstances, large walls have grown around the islands and do not allow rainwater to pass through it.

Due to rising water levels, the original Wano was flooded with rainwater. Then the civilization decided to build a new island on the slopes of Mount Fuji, which would be higher than the walls.

Kaido and his crew learned the location of the Poneglyph Road thanks to Jack. He is a Diving Fishman and gives an overview of the underwater city. He is actually a Devil Fruit user, but the water is rainwater, not seawater; so he can swim through it. Both Robin and Law obtained the third Road Poneglyph.

Kozuki Oden wants to open Wano’s borders, which means he wants to destroy the walls (the country’s natural defenses) and unleash an ancient weapon that Pluton brought to the world. So why would Oden want to liberate something by putting his country in jeopardy?

Many fans believe that he wants to help future generations. He knows that a great war will happen in the future, so he intends to free Pluton to aid Momonosuke and the other generations.

One Piece Chapter 1056 Manga Online High Quality: New Bounty!

One Piece Chapter 1056 Spoiler

The reveal and raw scans of the upcoming Chap are yet to appear. We will update this post as soon as we get the leak soon. Therefore, always follow this article to not miss updates from us. You can also bookmark this article to save.

Meanwhile, let’s discuss some fan theories and predictions.

According to Redon, the upcoming manga chapter will show the sequel to the celebration in the Flower Capital. Following, we have covered some of the more likely scenarios in the next Chapter.

The first is a continuation of the celebration in the Flower Capital with individual conversations of the other Straw Hat members during the enjoyment. Moreover, it is likely that they will decide to start a new journey.

The second is the reveal of the new bounty. It’s been two weeks since One Piece came out after a long hiatus, and the Straw Hat Pirates’ bounty has yet to be revealed.

The third is the current situation of each Shichibukai (Lord). Before the hiatus, we saw each Marine on its way to capture the Lords of the Seas. And every Warlord is ready to fight them. So, who will win this battle?

Fourth, where are Sabo and Dragon? The series reveals that Sabo, the Flame Emperor is the man behind the assassination of Cobra, but where is he now? Also, there is no news about Dragon’s current situation.

Here are some highly likely mysteries covered in One Piece Chapter 1056. After reading two incredible chapters in a row, fans are now mentally prepared to face anything. So let’s wait a few hours to see what Eiichiro Oda will bring us in the next Chapter. Do not worried; We will update this post once we receive the confirmed malware.

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One Piece Chapter 1056 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1056 is scheduled to be officially released this week on August 7, 2022. Also, the next Chapter, ie Chapter 1057, will be on hiatus next week. It’s time to end the Wano arc.

One Piece Film Red will be a blockbuster as it will also show Shanks’ Haki against Fujitora and Kizaru, among other important battles.

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