One Piece Chapter 1109 Release Date, Raw Scans, and Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1109 Release Date, Raw Scans, and Spoilers

The upcoming One Piece Chapter 1109 has fans on the edge of their seats. Especially with the Zoro vs. Lucci battle at stake, readers are eager to know the outcome. The release date for One Piece Chapter 1109 is set for March 3rd, this Sunday without any delays. Keep reading for the raw analyses of One Piece 1109 and our theories for the next chapter.

In a world obsessed with pirates, Monkey D. Luffy, a young man propelled by rubber, sets sail to become the Pirate King. He gathers a motley crew, the Straw Hat Pirates, each with their own dreams and quirks. Together, they sail the dangerous Grand Line, facing powerful enemies, bizarre islands, and the ever-present threat of the Marines from the World Government. Their goal? Find the legendary treasure, One Piece, rumored to bestow unimaginable power and freedom.

One Piece Chapter 1109 Release Date

Mark your calendars! One Piece Chapter 1109 sets sail on March 3rd at midnight JST, dive into the adventure on Viz Media or Manga Plus. Check below for the release date and time of One Piece Chapter 1109 for your time zone:

  • 7:00 AM: Pacific Time (PT)
  • 9:00 AM: Central Standard Time (CT)
  • 10:00 AM: Eastern Time (ET)
  • 3:00 PM: Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
  • 4:00 PM: Central European Time (CET)
  • 8:30 PM: Indian Standard Time (IST)
  • 11:00 PM: Philippine Time (PHT)

No matter your time zone, get ready for some thrills as Chapter 1109 unfolds!

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Raw Scans for One Piece

While Chapter 1108 has just arrived in Japan, hold on for the spoilers for Chapter 1109! Here’s why:

Copyright crackdown: Recently, three foreigners were arrested for prematurely leaking Japanese chapters, leading to stricter enforcement of online leaks.

End of raw files: this means the usual “raw scans” circulating online could be a thing of the past.

Beware of spoilers: However, fans have a knack for finding ways to share information, so beware of potential spoilers on social media and forums.

Remember that experiencing the story for yourself is the real treasure! So, resist the urge to spoil the fun for yourself and others. Let’s all patiently wait for the official release of Chapter 1109 and enjoy the surprise together!

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Chapter 1108 Recap

One Piece Chapter 1108: Giants, Gorosei, and a Mysterious Name

  • The return of the giants: Oimo and Kashii, the giants from Enies Lobby, are now part of the Giant Warrior Pirates, wreaking havoc among the Marines. Usopp is moved to see his old friends again.
  • Zoro & Lucci Brawl: Their intense battle continues, adding another layer of tension to the unfolding events.
  • Bonney’s Tears: After seeing Luffy’s Gear 5, she calls him “Nika,” leaving him confused. Could this be a significant clue about her true identity or her power?
  • Luffy vs. Saturn: An enraged Luffy strikes Saturn for injuring Vegapunk, showcasing his Gear 5 strength. Saturn retaliates with a strange eye power that crushes his opponent’s head, but Luffy doesn’t seem affected.
  • Blackbeard’s Shadow Looms: Catarina Devon and Van Augur of the Blackbeard Pirates arrive, hinting at their involvement and raising questions about their goals and Teach’s “special lineage.”
  • Unexpected Encounter: Caribou intercepts them, begging to join Blackbeard’s crew. This sets the stage for a potential alliance or conflict.

Additional Notes:

The chapter touches on intriguing connections between Luffy and Nika, Teach’s lineage and motivations, as well as the broader history of One Piece.
The cliffhanger with Caribou adds a new layer of unpredictability to the situation.

Chapter 1109 Possibilities

Predicting the future of One Piece is always tricky, but with the information we have from Chapter 1108, here are some exciting possibilities for what could happen in Chapter 1109:

The Luffy vs. Saturn confrontation:

Will Luffy be able to defeat Saturn’s mysterious power? Could Gear 5 offer him immunity?
What is Saturn’s true goal? Does it involve Vegapunk or something more sinister?

The Zoro and Lucci battle:

Will their fierce duel reach its climax, or will they be interrupted by unforeseen circumstances?
Could the outcome of this fight have wider implications for the ongoing conflict?

Bonney’s revelation:

Will Luffy finally understand the significance of the name “Nika”?
How are Bonney’s insights related to Luffy’s true potential or the central mysteries of the story?

The Barbe Noire plot:

  • What are Catarina Devon and Van Augur’s motivations for being on Egghead?
  • Will Caribou’s audience with Blackbeard lead to an alliance or a confrontation?
  • Could Blackbeard himself make an unexpected appearance, further increasing the tension?

Other possibilities:

  • We could learn more about the involvement of the Giant Warrior Pirates and their connection to Oimo and Kashii.
  • Vegapunk’s condition and his potential role in the unfolding events could be revealed.
  • New characters or alliances could emerge, adding even more complexity to the narrative.
  • Remember: these are just speculations, and Oda has a knack for surprising us with unexpected twists. The only way to know for sure what happens next is to read Chapter 1109 when it comes out!

The Giant Pirates

Chapter 1109 offers many possibilities, as several scenarios could take place as Luffy and the alliance’s reunion approaches.

While the true motivations of the Giant Warrior Pirates on Egghead Island remain shrouded in mystery, here are some possible explanations based on available information and speculation:

Alliance with Luffy:

  • Chapter 1106: Dorry and Brogy call Luffy the “Sun God,” hinting at an awareness of his Gear 5 form and a potential connection to Joy Boy.
  • Giants and Joy Boy: Some theories suggest that the Giants may possess knowledge or loyalty to Joy Boy’s legacy, potentially motivating them to support Luffy.
  • Helping Luffy escape: Their arrival coincides with the attack on Luffy and the Straw Hats by the Marines, suggesting they could help with their escape.

Vegapunk Connection:

Vegapunk’s connections: Vegapunk, known for his research and alliances with various groups, may have hired the Giants for specific tasks or for protection.
Motif revealed: This possibility aligns with Vegapunk’s mysterious nature and the potential for future revelations about his agenda.

Personal interest:

Goals of the Giant Warrior Pirates: they may have their own reasons for being on Egghead, unrelated to Luffy or Vegapunk. Perhaps they are seeking knowledge, resources, or a particular person.
Giant history: their presence could also be related to the island’s history or to potential secrets related to the Giants themselves.

Red Herring:

Connection with Shanks: Some fans speculate about a connection with Shanks, but there is no concrete evidence yet. Their presence could be a red herring or an allusion to future developments

related to Shanks.


  • Chapter 1108 is recent: more information could be revealed in upcoming chapters, shedding light on the Giants’ true intentions.
  • Oda’s storytelling: The author is known for his complex plots and surprising twists. Keep an open mind about the possibilities.