One Piece Episode 1030 English Streaming: date, time, and where to watch online

One Piece, anime episode 1030: date, time and where to watch online

One Piece is available on Crunchyroll! If you want to know all the information about One Piece Episode 1030 English, keep reading! Big Mom is furious at Kid for dropping her into the ocean and uses a shard of her soul to create a new weapon that uses light like Zeus, as Prometheus suggested.

We continue in the Wano saga and although we are getting closer and closer to the end, we are enjoying what could be one of the most epic One Piece stories. That is why, as always, we have come to remember when and where you can see One Piece Episode 1030 completely legally and with English subtitles. Are you ready? So let’s go there.

When and where to watch One Piece Episode 1030 English

Unveiled the release date of One Piece Episode 1030 English on Crunchyroll, If you’re looking for the English dub, you’ll need to head over to Funimation.

One Piece Episode 1030 will air on Saturday, August 21 in North America. However, in the USA, it will arrive on Sunday, August 7, at 10:00 a.m. peninsular time.

  • Where: Crunchyroll.
  • When: Sunday, August 7.
  • At what time: at 10:00, peninsular time.

EP 1029

As we mentioned before, even though we want to see Luffy fight Kaido on his own in One Piece 1029, we won’t be seeing him because of the upcoming movie. The protagonist of the movie “Uta” will be present in One Piece 1029 with Shanks and Luffy.

One Piece 1029 title is “A Faint Memory!” Uta, the daughter of Luffy and Redhead! » One Piece Chapter 1029 Overview showed us that this will be a story never told before. For the timeline of the movie, read this.


From the One Piece 1029 preview, we can gather that it will focus on Luffy and Uta’s childhood when they met. The episode will focus on many famous characters like Shanks and Garp along with Luffy and Uta. This will be one of little Luffy’s adventures where he could meet Uta.

Also, there will be another episode with Uta that will serve as a promo for the One Piece Red movie. It will be some time before the Wano arc continues.