The death of Shanks

One Piece: The death of Shanks in the Final Saga, we explain everything to you!

The potential death of Shanks, one of the emblematic characters of One Piece, in the Final Saga, raises many questions. We detail here the major issue of this turning point.

Shanks played a major role in putting Luffy on the path to becoming the Pirate King and consistently acted as a peacekeeper throughout the story. In the Final Saga, Shanks changes his objective and now actively participates in the great quest to obtain the One Piece, potentially becoming a rival to other characters.

Shanks is one of the most powerful pirates in One Piece, but his decision to set out in search of the One Piece attracts more dangers , including enemies such as the World Government and Blackbeard. Fans are speculating that Shanks might die in this final saga.

Shanks’ role in One Piece

From the first chapter of the story, Shanks has held a special place in fans’ hearts. One of his most notable roles was putting Luffy on the path to becoming the Pirate King. This happened at the very beginning of the story when he stole the Gum Gum Fruit from the World Government . Although he didn’t want to eat it himself, he had plans for this Devil Fruit.

It is ultimately Luffy who eats him, and recognizing potential in him, Shanks entrusts him with his precious straw hat and asks him to return it to him one day. On top of that, Shanks has always tried to avoid conflict and prevent chaos. In particular, he spoke with the Five Elders and tried to prevent the War at the Summit.

Shanks in the Final Saga : The death of Shanks

In the Final Saga, Shanks takes an interesting turn. After the fall of two of the Four Emperors, Kaido and Big Mom, Shanks decides it is time for him to search for the One Piece. His determination to get his hands on this treasure shows that he is willing to give Luffy a hard time.

Shanks is one of the most powerful pirates in One Piece. However, One Piece’s quest means he will attract more dangers towards him. He will have many enemies, starting with the World Government. However, his greatest enemy is undoubtedly his old rival, Marshall D. Teach, also known as Blackbeard.

Will Shanks die in One Piece?

In the Final Saga, the major pirates are on the move. For example, Shanks was seen crushing the Kid Pirates by himself, while Blackbeard was seen crushing the Heart Pirates by himself. Luffy, being the main character, certainly cannot die before becoming the Pirate King .

The only main character likely to die is Shanks. This death would not come by surprise. Since his first confrontation with Blackbeard, Shanks has always been in danger. Everything Shanks does concerns Blackbeard because he knows the danger he poses.

Fans might currently underestimate Blackbeard, but it’s clear that he’s one of the most dangerous people in the world. And what better way to demonstrate this than by killing the beloved red-haired pirate, Shanks.

If these two characters end up fighting, it’s very possible that Shanks won’t win, even if he’s stronger. All because Blackbeard is an enemy that Luffy must face , not Shanks. A confrontation between these two characters is inevitable, and when it happens, Shanks will either be heavily defeated or potentially even killed.

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