One Punch Man Chapter 163

Saitama has decided to get rid of Garou outright by dispelling his arrogance. In the upcoming One Punch Man Chapter 163, Saitama will try to stop Garou.

Garou’s body begins to transform because of his rage and he begins to evolve into a creature that looks more like a monster. His new form is sure to blow everyone’s mind when animated.

We expect One Punch Man Season 3 to be announced soon along with an official return date.

The last chapter is very intense and also has many funny scenes. One scene that OPM fans love the most is when Garou hits Saitama on his bald head but it does nothing while he has his arm destroyed.

Since Garou already had the monster gene, he was quickly able to recover his arm and start fighting again. With Garou’s new mutant form, his whole body is filled with power and he thinks he can take down Saitama right now.

Even when the child called Garou uncle came and tried to stop him, Garou ignored him and continued to keep an eye on Saitama.

Garou thought that by defeating the ultimate hero standing in front of him, he could prove to everyone that even monsters can have a happy ending. One Punch Man 162 spoiler will show both of them in trouble.

Saitama is overpowered and no matter how strong Garou is, he will never be able to overcome the barrier that is Saitama.


Even though Garou has become a monster, he still has human feelings inside of him.

Saitama sees the hidden emotions inside Garou and decides to put him back on the right path. Bang has always had a soft spot for Garou, and Saitama knows about it.

Saitama wants to rescue Garou by defeating him completely and turning him into a senseless villain. He wanted to teach Garou that the monsters only lost because they went the wrong way.

Garou just wanted to show the kid how helpless the heroes are, and how he can bring peace to the world by being the absolute villain. He will destroy all the heroes and monsters in this world, so that there is no one left to torment or save anyone.

Saitama approaches Garou and calls him a chicken, causing him to throw his first punch. But the punch had no effect on Saitama, all the crap about him being the absolute villain is just nonsense and unfounded.

Saitama in the upcoming One Punch Man Chapter 163 will show Garou that there is no strongest one, you need to keep striving daily to become stronger. Even if Garou had leveled up the others, he would never have defeated Saitama.

The rough scan of One Punch Man 163 and the English Chap will see Garou continue to grow into a taller, stronger being into the second season. But will it be enough to stop or defeat Saitama?

Only the next chapter will tell.


Things eventually turned tense between Garou and Saitama. For the first time since Boros, Saitama is fighting seriously.

Although Garou is not as strong as Boros, he has mutated and evolved into a new type of monster whose strength surpasses that of any human.

Since One Punch Man Chapter 162, was published recently, we will have to wait a while before the English Chap 163 of One Punch Man is published.

Since the OPM English Chap is a few weeks away, we’ll read the raw scan first. The raw scan of One Punch Man Chap 163 is expected to be published around April 22, 2022, the same day as Boruto Chap 69.

Murata is a great artist, so it took a while to translate and redraw his work. It took almost 18-24 hours to translate the scans and only then the English Chap was published. twitter.


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