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Overgeared Chapter 118 English

Overgeared Chapter 118 release date set to Friday, March 04, 2021, every week a new chapter comes out. The Raw Scans of Overgeared Chapter 118 will be scanned on the internet 2-3 days before the spoilers are released, but it is better to wait for the final release.

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Overgeared Chapter 118 Manga Online English is a weekly manhwa, fans are waiting for the next chapter of Overgeared, we really recommend using official sources so you can read Overgeared Chapter 118 from following manga platforms to support the creators.

Learn more about Overgeared

Park Saenal is the author of the Korean novel “Overgeared”. Manga artists Silverbin and HABAN turned it into a manhua/manga. Grid is Young Woo Shin’s username. Every time he is mentioned in the biggest virtual reality game, bad luck will follow. However, in the middle of a journey, he came across the strongest legendary play among more than 2 billion players.

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Shin Young Woo

To begin with, Shin Youngwoo’s character is called “ugly”. Due to his dark outlook and his nefarious behaviors, he cannot succeed. He has habits like regularly eating unhealthy food (like instant ramen) and spending most of his time playing video games (no bathing, no exercise).

In addition, his behavior and gestures scare people. She doesn’t care what she wears out of the house and she doesn’t even bother to change into what she wears there. In later chapters, he adopts a healthier lifestyle and begins exercising frequently, which gives him a fit body with shoulders resembling those of a professional athlete.

With his manly features, including his piercing black eyes, it becomes clear that he was nothing ugly. On the other hand, he is not that attractive. He looks ordinary. Also, he becomes self-aware as he begins to dress more appropriately.

In order to merge with Braham, Grid gains white hair and ruby eyes. With a strong jaw and a mix of Braham’s masculine characteristics and her own, she has a striking appearance. In this mode, he is said to be incredibly attractive and attracts a devoted following. Reporters initially believed that he had undergone plastic surgery.