Plunderer Chapter 82 will be out this month, leaving fans with mixed emotions. In the most recent announcement, it was mentioned that the manga will end in the next three chapters.

This indicates that Chapter 83 will be the final Chapter. Before the end could even have a release date, fans have already started surfing over a sequel story. As for the penultimate match, fans will be witnessing the aftermath of Schmelman’s death. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest Chap.

In the next chapter, fans can hope to see the new world created by the kids. Licht took a large fee to defeat the villain. But creating the world of their dreams will be even more difficult.

Summary of the previous chapter!

In Chapter 81 of Plunderer, the battle between Licht and Schmelman continues to amaze everyone. Licht had hoped that he would win the war. But things did not go in his favor. As he was about to make a big move on him, he saw Schmelman standing right behind him. Licht looked down and saw a sword piercing his heart. Due to the ice sword, his entire body began to freeze.

But they had the right idea to attack Mochi and use him as bait. His father was overwhelmed when he met his son. Chap’s final scene is the most memorable one to go through. The fight got to the point where every character was in tears. Towards the end of Chap, Schmelman was on full alert and the kids won the match.

Plunderer Chapter 82: What Happens Next?

The last few pictures from the previous chapter show a future the kids have created for themselves. This world has bluer skies, a better place to reside, and a new calendar. Now that the villain has been defeated, the next chapter has only a few aspects of the story to consider. This includes the confession shared between Licht and Hina that has yet to take place in the story. Also, even though Schmelman is the villain of the story, he is still significant as the protagonist.

So his funeral will also take place in Plunderer Chapter 82 . Saying goodbye to the man who messed up time in any way would not be easy. This chapter will also have the final setting for the end of the series. Is there a possibility of a new manga? Only the final episode can tell that.

Plunderer Chapter 82: Release Date

Schmelman Bach has yet to find an easy way out for the world. After Plunderer Chapter 82 , the manga will only have one more Chapter. So what happens in the conclusion? The next chapter will be out with all the answers in April. Currently, the release date of the translated version has not been confirmed. We will definitely update this section as soon as more similar updates become available. So stay in touch with The Anime Daily to receive more similar updates.