Read Black Clover Chapter 319 Spoiler Leaks: The Captains Against the Council of Lucifer

Read Black Clover Chapter 319

Read Black Clover Chapter 319 Spoiler Leaks: The Captains Against the Council of Lucifer; As Asta’s replacement, the captains of the Black Clover Group will fight Lucifero together.

Meanwhile, Asta and Yuno will have time to cooperate with each other to create giant super kills.

In chapter 318, Asta meets Lucifero. Using the Demon Guild, Asta and Liebe attack fiercely but are unable to do anything to Lucifero.

Spoiler Black Clover Chapter 319

Even though the captain was quite injured, Lag believed that they were still strong enough to play with Lucifero.

Thanks to Rill’s highly flawed magic, the magic knights will resist death for a certain period of time.

During that time, they can fully work together to create a powerful spell, enough to defeat Lucifero.

While the captains buy time, Asta and Liebe will either support the battle or they will conserve their energy for a powerful blow.

Asta will put all his strength into one of his swords and use it as Yuno’s name to bring out the Spirit Of Euros.

If that was really possible, the duo Asta and Yuno would have a final blow powerful enough to destroy Lucifero’s incomplete body.

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The unknown demon hadn’t made any moves yet. Most likely he was only there to observe and would leave after the battle was over.

It was unclear whether this demon was on the evil side or not, so there were many theories that he would side with the magic knights.

Read Black Clover Scan 319 Release Date

The story is taking a week off, so Black Clover chapter 319 is expected to be released on January 17, 2022.

This article will be updated with the latest information once the news is officially confirmed.