Nano Machine Chapter 92

Guard Jang is being held hostage in a Sage Clan hideout, and by the looks of it, he has already been burned very badly. Cheon Yeo Woon now has an advantage and in the upcoming Nano Machine Chapter 92, we can see him rescuing Guard Jang.

Jang has been like a father to Yeo Woon, so it would be interesting to see how far he will go when he meets the condition Guard Jang is in.

Yeo Woon passed the Ghost Illusion Clan’s test and earned their leader’s loyalty. He and his group were invited to live in his castle, but things got complicated when he found out that his former caretaker, guard Jang, was not in his castle.

Guard Jang is undoubtedly a very powerful individual, but even he could not stand a chance against Lady Mu and her soldiers.

Cheon Yeo Woon had left the Academy to search for new clans to support him in becoming Lord. He has gained the support of one more clan, but now he is facing his archenemy.

He still doesn’t know that Lady Mu was the person who killed his mother, so we are all eager to see what kind of punishment he decides for her.

Nano Machine Chapter 92 Raw Scan Release Date

A big battle is coming up and we may see Cheon Yeo Woon facing off against one of the six main clans. He and his followers have gained the upper hand by catching the messenger who was there to deliver the message to him.

Before Cheon faces Lady Mu, he must save Guard Jang and the next chapter will show us how he saves him. The upcoming Nano Machine Chapter 92 will be released on February 9, 2021, the same day as Tokyo Avengers Chapter 241.

There hasn’t been any news of any delays yet, but we’ll keep you posted if there is one.

The raw scans of the upcoming English chapter of Nano Machine 92 will be released around January 31, 2021.

Nano Machine Chapter 92 Talk

An interesting battle is coming up and fans can’t wait. It would be interesting to see who comes out on top. Let us discuss the upcoming Namo Machine Chapter 92 before its release.

Lady Mu versus Cheon Yeo Woon:

Lady Mu is still unaware of the extent of Cheon Yeo Woon’s growth, and we still don’t know the full extent of Lady Mu’s prowess. Lady Mu has shown her strength during the infiltration of the Poison Clan, but we still don’t know the full extent of it, so the fight between them will surely be interesting.

Lady Mu is also the demon chief’s first wife, so Cheon yeo Woon may even kill her. We still don’t know why his father distanced himself from him, but as the story progresses, we may find out very soon.

Cheon Yeo Woon had already made Lady Mu his enemy without knowing it. He jailed his son on false charges and had him expelled from the Academy.

These two are surely each other’s worst enemy. We still have no idea why Lady Mu decided to kill Cheon Yeo Woon’s mother, but we may know the answer to that question very soon in the next English chapter of Nano Machine 92.

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Guard Jang Rescue Mission:

Cheon Yeo Woon used himself as bait to lure out the people who had kidnapped Guard Jang and his plan worked. Lady Mu took the bait and tried to lure him to the Poison Clan’s hideout.

It seems that Lady Mu has taken full control of the Poison Clan after their leader’s death and uses their name to frame them if she kills Cheon Yeo Woon.

Cheon Yeo was in a difficult position, but luckily, he had Nano Machine and instantly got the position of the person who was transmitting a message to him. He seems very angry and it won’t be long before he gets the answer from that messenger and continues with his plan.

Hopefully, there will be two teams, one of them going to rescue Guard Jang and the other going up against Lady Mu. She told Cheon Yeo to come alone and unarmed, but Cheon still had the dark sword folded around his waist to protect him . that the gun was not a problem for him.

The next chapter will be full of action and we are all looking forward to it.

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