Record of Ragnarok Chapter 58 English

The King vs King Battle takes an interesting turn in the Record of Ragnarok Chapter 58 English when the mystery behind Huang’s eyes is revealed.

The last chapter, tells the story of Chiyou from Chinese mythology. Chiyou is a four-eyed, six-armed human with the head of a cow who eats iron and stone.

He was the god of war and had invented five weapons which included armor, dagger, sword, and spear.

He defeated many warriors but in the end, he was defeated by the Yellow Emperor. He was the supreme emperor of China who ruled over other emperors.

Huang was the one who was not afraid of him and also the one who defeated him.

They had a very serious battle, Chiyou asked for ten thousand lives but Huang refused and ended his reign over the emperor.

He got the name ‘Yellow Emperor’ after this fight. Huang uses the Chiyou technique against Hades.

Right now Hades and Huang were discussing ‘What is a true king’. After the battle discussion continued, Hades tried to avenge his brother here.

Hades took an attacking stance and attacked Huang and this time Huang didn’t have a chance to move. He took damage and bled from the back of his head.

After this, he removes his blindfold, the mystery behind his eyes will be revealed in Shuumatsu no Valkyrie Chapter 58 English.

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 58 English Release Date

Manga Record of Ragnarok Chapter 58 English is scheduled for release on January 27, 2022.

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Record of Ragnarok Chapter 58 Spoiler

Hades sent attacks one after another at Huang. Huang managed to dodge the attacks but he could fight back in this situation.

It looks like Hades is dominating this fight. Then Hades stopped and gathered strength and used the earth destroyer again.

Huang dodged the attack but stayed away from the impact. There was something unusual in his eyes because there were stars shining in his eyes.

Huang took a deep breath and threw an air cannon using his mouth. Hades’ body weakened after being hit by the air cannon and he couldn’t understand what had just happened.

Then Huang grabbed his spear and threw it away with his spear. Hades had disappeared into the dust, Huang approached him without knowing his location.

Hades dusted off using a sharp weapon with the intent to attack Huang but Huang jumped into the air and landed behind him.

It looks like Huang is getting damage in the same place as Hades. Was it because of Chiyou’s technique?

Huang looked quite serious for a moment but recovered in the next second. Huang used the air cannon again directly at Hades’ chest.

Then Huang stabbed him with the tool he was holding in his hand, seriously wounding Hades.

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Hades understood that his weakness was this air. Huang said that he could see the stars on his body, more like pressure points that weakened him.

Kojiro Sasaki explained the ‘Wave Flowing Turtle’ technique and this was the key to Huang’s power.

Brunhilde explains that he suffers the same damage as his opponent due to this ability because he is a human. He has the same scar as Hades on his stomach.

If this continues, both fighters will end up dead if Huang delivers the final blow, but let’s see what Hades has hidden up his sleeves next month.

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