Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239: Release Date, Spoiler and Manga Reading Link

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239 : Release Date, Spoiler and Manga Reading Link: Draken’s death seems to have weighed heavily on Mitsuya as he has shut himself down, spending all his time creating designs.

Mitsuya is motivated by desperation to fulfill a promise she made to Draken to become a fashion designer.

Since Mitsuya is busy with different goals, it complicates the issue of whether he will join the gang or not.

The previous chapter started with Takemichi exclaiming that all their team needed now was an advisor and someone with taste.

He further said that he had someone in mind who had great style and was level-headed.

Hakkai immediately knew who he was talking about. Then, the four of them headed to Mitsuya’s place but it was Runa who greeted them.

Runa said that there was a fashion competition for novice designers, so Mitsuya worked hard for it.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239 Recap

Hakkai remembered how Mitsuya used to hate awards and gifts. To this, Runa replied that Mitsuya used to have that attitude but after the Draken incident, he changed his mind.

He said that ever since the Draken incident, Mitsuya had locked himself in his room so immersed in his designs that he wouldn’t even come out of his room to eat.

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Takemichi then asked Runa to meet Mitsuya. As the couple headed to his room, Mitsuya who looked disheveled in an equally messy room, bent over his work.

Not satisfied, he then crumpled up the paper he was working on and threw it away.

The paper hit Runa and that’s when he realized Runa and Takemichi were in the room.

The next scene then cuts to Takemichi and Mitsuya sitting on a swing in the garden. Chifuyu, Inupi and Hakkai were watching them from the sidelines.

Hakkai comments on Mitsuya’s health and says that he has lost a lot of weight. Chifuyu added that the Draken’s death must be difficult for him.

When Mitsuya asks Takemichi why he is here, Takemichi tells him about his plan to fight Mikey and that he is building a team for that reason.

Just as Takemichi is about to ask him to join their team, Mitsuya suddenly confesses that he really wants to meet him.

Then, a flashback scene between Mitsuya and Draken. The two seemed to meet after a while as they exchanged greetings and asked how they were.

Draken asked Mitsuya how he was doing with his fashion and Mitsuya asked the same about Draken’s bicycle shop business. Suddenly, Draken asked Mitsuya if he had gotten used to life without Toman.

Before Mitsuya could answer, Draken confessed that he couldn’t seem to move on from him so he decided to go back to his delinquent life and follow Mikey.

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With that said, he encouraged Mitsuya and said that he better become a fashion designer.

Takemichi realized where Mitsuya’s determination to make him a designer came from. Mitsuya wanted to fulfill the promise he made to the Draken back then.

Takemichi tells the other three that Mitsuya will not join their team but that they must support him to achieve his dream.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239 is scheduled for release on Tuesday, January 25, 2022.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239 Spoiler

In Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239, it might be possible to find out Mitsuya’s final decision whether he will join the team or not.

Many fans speculate that Mitsuya will win the competition and that will clear his mind and encourage him to join Takemichi’s team.

Also, another hope is that the design Mitsuya made for the competition can become the gang’s new uniform.

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