Villain to Kill Chapter 59

Fans are eagerly waiting for Villain to Kill Chapter 59, we really recommend using official sources so that they can read Villain to Kill chapters on the following manga platforms to support the creators:

Villain to Kill Chapter 59 Release Date

Manga Villain to Kill Chapter 59 Release date set for Sunday, MARCH 12, 2022 in stores as listed. The raw scans of Chapter 56 will be scanned on the internet 2-3 days before the spoilers are released, but it’s better to wait for the final release.

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Every Tuesday, Fupin and Eunji update their action webtoon, Villain to Kill, written by Fupin and illustrated by Eunji. Naver Series aired the original Korean webtoon.

cassian lee

The main character of the webcomic. Cassian, a first-class psychic and high up in the [S]ranks, witnesses the murder of his comrade Jeff and is killed in the ensuing fight.

He wakes up as Gangu Gwon, a bullied high school student who was killed in the school bathroom but was destined to become a villain with the power to bring about the apocalypse.


Villains and psychics have unique talents, but only one group is motivated by the pursuit of good: psychics. He is a powerful psychic with a good heart. But when he visits a friend in Greece, things go wrong. Cassian finds himself in the body of a Korean high school student…who has recently gone bad! In the long run, will his sense of justice trump his composure?

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