Record of Ragnarok Chapter 60

The next chapter of Record of Ragnarok Chapter 60 Spoiler, Raw Scans will provide more details about the battle.

The war between the Chinese king’s Qin Shi and Hades, the god of the hidden world, will continue. Qin Shi has special expertise in completely freezing Hades in the heat of battle.


In Record of Ragnarok Chapter 60, Hades will show compassion for Huang’s words while fighting him.

The samurai had regrouped the vast territory of China after 25 years in a privileged position, and this time he received the astonishment of the others.

If possible, the barbarian Hades would continue his fight to replace the selling out of the Buddha. Gehenna would legitimize her statement by saying that there’s no point in empathizing with someone else’s aggravation because it can make you empty from within.

Huang would counter by saying that his guardian, also known as Haruyan’s mother, maintained trust in feelings towards others. She is the reason why he has accomplished so much of this from scratch, and he will continue to grow from now on.



In The Notes of Ragnarok Chapter 59, 260 BC, One of the bloodiest battles in human history happened. The battle was the ‘Battle of Changping’, fought between the state of Qin and the state of Zhao.

Qin’s general Bai Qi killed 450,000 soldiers by burying them alive. A year later, a child was born into Zhao’s royal family. That child is Qin Shi Huang. Huang ran away from the city with his father when he was two years old.

Huang spent his childhood on enemy land, being treated very badly. Then, one day, a female warrior came to the mansion where Huang lived. Her name is Haruyan, and she goes there to take on the role of caretaker.

Huang bowed to her and smiled. However, Haruyan doesn’t like it and says that this is not how a seven-year-old should react.

She understood that something was wrong, but they started cleaning the mansion. Adults are angry with Hoang because of the battle of Truong Binh.

Haruyan was both angry and shocked.

Later that night, Haruyan found countless wounds on Huang’s body. He explained that his situation was like ‘Mirror Touch Synesthesia’.

In this situation, if he sees the sick person, he also feels nauseous. Haruyan called the condition unreasonable and said that the child was innocent and should not bear the weight of what the parents did. He then told Huang to wipe off this fake smile and stay his true self.


After hearing all this, Huang cried for the first time and had a good night’s sleep. In the morning, Haruyan had blindfolded him so he wouldn’t have to see any pain.

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 60: Release Date & Spoiler

They lived as mothers and sons and we’re very happy, but not for long. Two years later, new orders were placed, and Qin entered the city. Haruyan is escorting Huang to town.

But their car was attacked by four men, She fought bravely, but it was one on four. Haruyan killed a man by breaking his neck as he was about to attack Huang. Haruyan is mortally wounded and tells Huang that he hates him before being appointed her caretaker. She said that she had a son who was killed in the Battle of Changping.

At first, she thought she would hit Huang if she didn’t like him.

She then tells Huang that he must follow the path he believes in and become the best king. After saying this, Haruyan died.

Then, in 247 BC, Huang ascended the throne at the age of 12.

And after 25 years, he unified China. Hades said that it is useless to feel the pain of others in the present moment.

Huang replied that he is the best king because he knows the pain of others. And this is a belief that he will never change as Haruyan, his mother, has nurtured this belief.

The chapter ends here.


The Record of Ragnarok manga by Shinya Umemura, Takumi Fukui, and Ajichika is serialized in Tokuma Shoten’s Monthly Comics magazine, with another issue serialized on the 25th. So, the release date of Record Of Ragnarok chap 60 will be on March 25, 2022.

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