Sakamoto Days Chapter 83 – English Scans – High Quality

You’ll be surprised to see Shin make a great move in Sakamoto Days Chapter 83. So far, we’ve seen Shin and Sakamoto try to extract the database to learn more about JCC.

However, it was their bad luck that they didn’t get any details about it. And poor Shin went bankrupt after trying to get to the bottom of it. Did he ever learn about databases? For now, it doesn’t look like things are going to be in his hands, especially after seeing that woman’s move. Is she in a secret society? The next chapter will give all updates!

Now in Sakamoto Days Chapter 83, Shin will make a plan to find out the true identity of the mysterious teacher. Well, he was impressed by her fighting skills but had some doubts about her background. So Shin and Akira will try to figure it out. Meanwhile, they will receive help from an unexpected member.

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Quick summary!

Sakamoto Days Chapter 81 opens while Shin is searching JCC’s database of Akashic records. No one was in the library, so he took the opportunity to infiltrate. But unfortunately, a teacher discovered him. It’s amazing that he knows about databases. After Akira’s question, she reveals that it’s like an urban legend; from there, they can learn about the JCC profile. It made Shin confess that they were looking for the Slur killer’s profile. However, the teacher warned them to stay away from the matter as she did not want her students to die.

It made Shin angry, and he attacked but all of a sudden, the teacher stopped him. Her moves were so good that it was difficult for Shin to fight her. Even so, that teacher offered to teach them skills that they could use in their fight.

Later in the infirmary, Shin and Akira meet Sakamoto and tell him about this. But instead of helping them, he hurriedly left the place. After having a brief moment, Akira and Shin decided to attack the teacher but failed in their attempt. Unexpectedly, Seba appeared and decided to help them. Well, he’s listening to their conversation in the infirmary, so there’s also a reason why he’d want to join them.

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Sakamoto Days Chapter 83: What will happen next?

In the next chapter, Seba will help Akira to his feet. If you remember, Akira tried to attack that teacher from behind while she was dealing with Shin. But her attempt was unsuccessful when the teacher noticed her sly action and hit her very hard. Well, Seba has been an invisible person in this manga, and now he’s appeared, leading to sudden changes in the series. He will help Shin and have a word with the teacher. But she will warn them again to watch their steps and leave ASAP. It would make Shin and Seba angry. So he decided to hit her.

Seba will follow the teacher’s instructions and will fight hand-to-hand. She will have every tactic to deal with Seba and only use part of her strength to attack him. Soon Sakamoto will show up and watch all this mess. He will try to help them, but his current disguise will prevent him from acting impulsively. As for Seba, he is trapped in a fist lock and will try to get out of this position. Akira and Shin will see this as a good opportunity to hit that teacher. But to everyone’s surprise, she would manage to deal with the three of them at once.

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Sakamoto Days Chapter 83: Release Date

Sakamoto Days Chapter 83 will be released on August 16, 2022. You can read it on Viz Media. Now finally, Sakamoto will learn the true identity of the teacher. He’s been trying to figure out her name, and before long, her deadly moves will remind him of their past. Does Sakamoto know her? Only time will answer. Keep stable.