One Piece Chapter 1057 Manga Online English Spoilers

‘m going to make a prediction that next One Piece Chapter 1057 Yamato joins & then 🥕 for 1058.
Why 1058 for 🥕 because (十五夜).
I think 1058 will be a 🥕’s Chapter.

Chapter 1057 of the ONE PIECE manga will contain a special page about Ota as a promotion for the movie RED, the author Oda will work on special triple pages where one page for each chapter, the first page was in chapter 1055 and the second will be in 1056 and finally in 1057.

“- Kid will search “a man with a burned mark” who seems to hold some hint about One Piece.”
Also this sound very interesting, a burned mark? We leading into interesting plotlines. Can´t wait for more, I assume chapter 1057 will be about Yamato joining the crew.

One Piece Chapter 1057 spoilers

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The international release of One Piece Chapter 1037 is now scheduled for Sunday, January 16, 2022.

This has been confirmed by Viz Media and Manga Plus, both platforms that offer access to the hit manga series.

The new chapter should be available through Viz Media and Manga Plus from the next international time slot:

  • Pacific Time: 7 am PST
  • Eastern Time: 10 am EST
  • UK Time: 3 pm GMT
  • European Time: 16:00 CEST
  • India Time: 8:30 pm IST
  • Philippine Time: 11:00 PM PHT Australian Time
  • : 1 :30 am ACDT


With Chapter 1057 just a week away from its planned release, early spoilers have started leaking online.

One Piece Chapter 1057

One Piece Chapter 1057 Release Date is Friday, August 12, 2022. One Piece raw scans will be released around 2-3 days before the actual release and manga spoilers will be released around Tuesday, but it’s better to wait for the official edition.

Where To Read One Piece Chapter 1057 Online

You can read the manga One Piece Chapter 1057 online Here

We would advise all fans to read One Piece and other manga series from official platforms as it will keep your device safe and help the creators as well. One Piece Chapter 1055 can be read online for free and legally from sources such as Shonen Jump, Viz Media, and MangaPlus Platform.

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