Science Fell in Love Season 2 Episode 6 sees Ayame and Shinya make a career-defining breakthrough, but the experiments aren’t over yet.

Despite sharing a really romantic kiss back in Season 1 of Science Fell in Love, Himuro Ayame and Yukimura Shinya spent the entire Season 2 trying to determine if their love was genuine. are not. For a while, it seemed like these two lovable but ignorant young scientists would never make any real progress, but Ayame and Shinya unexpectedly made an incredible breakthrough.

In Episode 6, they agree to spend the day on a relatively normal day and use minimal lab equipment or formulas. To their delight, the two stumble upon the truth about their relationship – something they’ve been staring at their faces for the whole time. Their love is truly genuine, opening up many exciting future possibilities.

Ayame and her paramour kuudere Shinya enjoy their “normie” date, and then find themselves alone – with an air of considerable romance. Ayame took the opportunity to speak her mind and explained that like Chris Florette and Suiu, she can only determine true love by listening to her heart and declaring it at will. In episode 6, she tells Shinya “I love you” beyond any doubt.

Shinya needed a moment to process this, and before giving his reaction, he calculated some calculations inspired by the simple yet effective love formula he was given. Kanade in a previous episode. Despite this scientific attempt at treatment, his calculations soon became subjective and his passion for Ayame practically turned his project into a parody of itself. . Shinya responded by saying half a word, and now understood that perfectly calculated love simply did not exist. His view now is that true love is found when A realizes their love for B, but this doesn’t end the experiment. In fact, the love test is sure to be bigger and better than ever.

On one level, “I love you” said to each other that evening marked the end of the era for Shinya and Ayame, and fellow scientists Kanade, Ena, and Kosuke all cheered for it. surname. However, Kanade was wrong to assume that the experiment was over and true love had been found. To everyone’s shock, Ayame and Shinya explain that although the existence of their love has been proven, the extent of that love has yet to be determined. They still have to quantify their mutual affection, and that requires some experimentation.

As Shinya and Ayame put it, their love can be anything from “I love my favorite fruit” to “I love my friends” or “I love you, my soulmate.” .” Love exists in degrees in their opinion, and they cannot become a real couple until they can put their love somewhere conclusive on a gradient. While Kanade and others found this climate-fighting substance, this development serves as a charming and clear cue to the evolving plot of Science Fell in Love.

Even with more experiments, something was really accomplished in Volume 6 – and now Ayame and Shinya won’t be able to return. Without a doubt, the two hope their love proves to be more than just a “I love strawberries” level, and this marks the beginning of the next great story. for Science Fell in Love .