Solo Leveling Anime

With the Solo Leveling manhwa ending with a total of 179 chapters, fans have started to wonder if there will be a Solo Leveling anime and when season 1 will air.

The news of an anime adaptation has spread like wildfire on popular manga and manhwa forums and today we are here to set the record straight for everyone.

Solo Leveling was originally released as a novel, but over time a manhwa adaptation was announced and his manhwa quickly became one of the most widely read and popular webtoons on the internet.

Fans around the world are so eager to see their anime that they have started an online petition on where they aim to reach 150,000 petitions to raise their voices and urge major anime studios to consider doing so.

Netflix is ​​one such company and there is a high probability that the Solo Leveling anime will be produced and premiered on Netflix. In addition to signing the petition, fans have also started filling out Netflix forms to request movies and TV series.

With so many rumors going around, we thought it would be wise to clear things up for the masses and that is why we are here today with this post about its release date, trailer, and cast.

The End of Manhwa Solo Leveling

On January 1, 2022, the last chapter of the Solo Leveling manhwa was released. The manhwa has a complete and wholesome ending. The ending of the manhwa sparked the debate about making an anime.

The first thing everyone wants to know is if Solo Leveling will have an anime.

There are 179 chapters in total and we recommend reading the Solo Leveling manhwa if you haven’t already. We discuss Solo Leveling season 1 adaptation release date, trailer and rumors.

Solo Leveling anime release date

Of the various manhwas out there, Solo Leveling is the one with the perfect plot and character development that one could hope to see or read.

Jin-woo’s story has captured the hearts of so many manga/manhwa readers around the world and that’s why Solo Leveling is perfect for an anime adaptation.

We are already in the summer of 2022 and we still have no news regarding Season 1 of Solo Leveling.

Some websites even claim that the anime adaptation has been confirmed by the publishers, but this is totally false news.

According to unofficial reports, the Solo Leveling anime will likely release around March 2023 and will be available to watch officially on sites like Crunchyroll and Funimation.

The Solo Leveling anime air date may change depending on various factors. Many webtoons and anime have delayed their release date due to the rise of the global pandemic and thus the anime adaptation of Solo Leveling might also be delayed.

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We are 100% sure that there will be an anime for Solo Leveling in the future and work has already started in the background; We will be notified as soon as production begins.

To give its readers a hint, webtoon DNC even released a Solo Leveling trailer on its Youtube channel, signaling to its fans that they have a chance to watch the Solo Leveling anime that will air soon.

The two anime studios that fans are hoping to see produce the Solo Leveling anime are Madhouse and Ufotable, with Netflix being the wild card. Nothing has been confirmed yet, so we ask everyone not to get their hopes up and wait for the official announcement about its anime adaptation.

The voices of Sung Jin-Woo and the other actors have yet to be revealed. As the anime adaptation has not been announced yet, we hope that it will be soon.

How many episodes in solo leveling season 1?

Solo Leveling Anime

Along with their questions of β€œWill, Solo Leveling get an anime?”, fans are also eager to find out how many episodes will be released in the first season of the anime.

We expect a total sum of 24 episodes to be released in the Solo Leveling Season 1 anime, and Season 2 will be the remaining chapters of the Solo Leveling Season 1 manhwa.

There is also a strong possibility that Solo Leveling will only release 12 episodes in the first season, like the Tower of God anime, and will release a Season 2 soon.

Tower of God Season 2 is about to release and it makes Solo Leveling fans even more jealous and eager to experience Solo Leveling anime.

The story of solo leveling anime

Solo Leveling follows the story of the weakest hunter, Sung Jin-Woo, who becomes an S-rank hunter whose power is beyond anyone’s imagination. One day, Jin-Woo stumbles upon a dungeon that appears to be D-rank but is much stronger.

As he seems to have accepted his fate, his death, he is given a mysterious power where he can see a quest log just like in the games.

If an anime rumor about solo leveling is true, then that’s awesome πŸ‘. I also heard that a single-player leveling game is in the works and will only be available on PC and mobile. If that’s also true, I totally agree.

By completing your missions, you can rank up and increase your strength. He allows him to become an S-Rank Hunter in no time and now everyone wants him, but all he pretends to be is a Solo Leveling.

It will definitely be exciting to watch the anime as we will be able to see the beautiful manhwa anime. The official release date of the Solo Leveling Season 1 anime and the cast has not been announced yet. We’ll let you know if we learn anything.

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