Spoilers One Piece 1039

The original and verified Spoilers One Piece 1039 has finally come out.

Kid and Law’s fight against Big Mom will still continue in One Piece 1039 with some new information about some fights elsewhere.

Also, What happened in Zoro’s previous state?

All will be answered in the Spoilers One Piece 1039 which will be released this weekend.

Check out the following article to find out spoilers, the release schedule, and also the link to read the One Piece manga chapter 1039.

Spoilers One Piece 1039:

One Piece title chapter 1039: Main character.

In a special double-colored courtyard, the Straw Hats adventure together through the forest.

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At the beginning of the story, we see Momonosuke trying to stop Onigashima.

Suddenly, he heard someone calling out to him.

Back to the fight between Law, Kid, and Big Mom.

Supernova’s second attack broke some of Big Mom’s bones.

However, the Yonko quickly recovered thanks to his Devil Fruit.

Determined not to give up, Law put all his strength into a strong attack.

This attack was so powerful that it caused aftershocks all over Onigashima. Big Mom – sadly – is still standing!

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Big Mom challenged Kid: “You said you can beat me, I’m Big Mom!

Kid is also determined to hit him if he can eat or fall, then eats s*t.

With his ability after awakening the Devil Fruit, Kid created an electric cannon and attacked Big Mom . Law asserts that: “His era ends here!”

One Piece Chapter 1039 Release Time:

One Piece chapter 1039 is scheduled to be re-released regularly on Sunday, February 6, 2022, starting at 23.00 WIB for the English version.

As for the Eversion, it will be released on Monday, January 7, 2022.

One Piece Manga chapter 1039 can be read for free on the official Manga Plus website or directly CLICK HERE.

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