spoilers One Piece chapter 1109

spoilers One Piece chapter 1109

The initial spoilers for One Piece chapter 1109 were finally released on Tuesday, February 27, 2024, bringing with them an incredibly exciting early look at the upcoming issue’s events.

While this information isn’t considered truly canon until present in a Shueisha-certified release, the series’ spoiler process and leakers have historically proven to be very accurate to the officials.

Likewise, fans are excitedly discussing One Piece chapter 1109’s initial alleged leaks, the major highlight of which is undoubtedly the alleged appearance of the other Gorosei on Egghead Island.

As expected, it also seems that Dr. Vegapunk’s message is continuing to ring out to the world, with characters such as Big News Morgans, Vivi Nefertari, and Wapol all making cameos in the process.

spoilers One Piece chapter 1109

One Piece chapter 1109 sets up a major brawl on Egghead between Straw Hats and Giants vs. Gorosei

One Piece chapter 1109’s initial spoilers begin with the claim that a new cover story for the series begins in the upcoming issue.

The first entry in this story is set in Wano, where the island of Onigashima is seen sinking into the sea like the Titanic. While initial spoilers don’t elaborate further, this presumably means that one end of the island is sticking up into the sky as the other sinks into the sea.

The issue begins its story content with a focus on Dr. Vegapunk’s message to the world, which is said to be pre-recorded in these spoilers. Dr. Vegapunk tells the people of the world that they have a few minutes to prepare their Transponder Snail video setups to view the message.

It’s unclear whether or not a video setup is needed to hear the message, or if it can be broadcast normally with just audio. In any case, One Piece chapter 1109 allegedly sees people from all over the world preparing for Dr. Vegapunk’s message.

That includes Big News Morgans, Vivi D. Nefertari, and Wapol, who are all still in the vicinity of Egghead Island. It’s also expected but not specified that characters like Shanks and Blackbeard will appear here as well.

One group of characters who is confirmed to appear during this sequence is the remaining members of the Gorosei.

The group is apparently seen wondering where the message is being broadcasted from exactly. The issue returns to Egghead, where Admiral Kizaru attacks Luffy in multiple ways. Thankfully, Luffy dodges all of them and emerges unscathed.

One Piece chapter 1109 sees Luffy ponder why Saint Jaygarcia Saturn isn’t taking any damage from his attacks. He decides to crush Saint Saturn and Kizaru both like pancakes, flinging them away like frisbees. However, Saturn takes no damage from that and seemingly returns quickly to continue fighting Luffy.

Shockingly, it seems that Luffy is affecting Saint Saturn in some way, as the Celestial Dragon seemingly summons the other members of the Gorosei to Egghead Island.

While they could prove to be replicas of the real thing made via Saturn’s powers, it’s nevertheless an incredibly exciting development to end the issue on. Unfortunately, it’s also confirmed that the series will be on break next week.