Summary of the Anime Season of The Great Cleric

Summary of the Anime Season 1 of The Great Cleric

The Great Cleric is an animated television series adapted from the light novel series of the same name written by Broccoli Lion. Produced by Studio Kai, the series originally aired from July to September 2023. In this article, we will summarize everything that has happened in the anime so far.


The Great Cleric follows the extraordinary journey of Luciel, a Japanese salaryman who is reincarnated into a fantasy world as a healer. Luciel’s initial desire is to lead a peaceful life in this new world. However, he becomes entangled in a conflict between the Church and dark forces. Luciel must use his formidable healing powers to protect the innocent and restore the honor of the Church.


  • Luciel: The central character, Luciel, is a compassionate and benevolent healer deeply committed to helping others.
  • Lumina: A paladin who serves as Luciel’s mentor and close friend. Lumina is not only a skilled warrior but also a devout follower of the Church.
  • Cattleya: A paladin and Luciel’s teammate. Cattleya is characterized by her pride and courage, but she remains fiercely loyal to her friends and comrades.
  • Pope Eliza: Esteemed leader of the Church, Pope Eliza is a wise and altruistic figure dedicated to the safeguarding of the people of Galdardia.

Recap of Season 1 of The Great Cleric

Introduction to Luciel and the World of Galdardia

The series begins with Luciel’s rebirth into the world of Galdardia, a place fraught with perils. In this world, healers hold a special place, with their skills granting them privileges. However, Luciel encounters Lumina, a paladin who takes him under her wing, imparting vital combat skills and knowledge to him. Luciel quickly learns that the Healers’ Guild, which governs these abilities, is riddled with corruption.

Luciel Joins the Paladins and Undergoes Training

Luciel becomes a member of the Paladins, an esteemed cadre dedicated to the protection of the Church and the people of Galdardia. Undeterred by the guild’s corrupt state, Luciel decides to hone his healing abilities through rigorous training. His journey within this group involves demanding training that pushes him to prove his worth as a valuable member. This challenging approach, though free from the constraints of costly guild tutoring, tests his determination to its limits.

To make a living and continue his training, Luciel strikes a life-changing deal with the Adventurer’s Guild. He offers his healing services in exchange for martial arts training and a modest daily wage.

Luciel and the Paladins Confront the Labyrinth

Luciel and the Paladins are tasked with entering a dangerous labyrinth and defeating the boss residing within. They venture into the labyrinth and face numerous challenges, but they overcome them through teamwork and perseverance. Luciel learns to appreciate the importance of his teammates and proves to be a valuable member of the team.

They encounter a giant door sealed by magic, but Luciel finds a weakness and destroys it, allowing them to continue their journey. They are ensnared in a trap of fire, but Luciel uses his healing powers to protect his teammates and create a barrier to escape. They lure monsters into traps and defeat them one by one. Luciel uses his healing powers to support his teammates and keep them alive.

Luciel Triumphs Over the Labyrinth Boss and Becomes an S-Rank Healer

Luciel and the Paladin unit finally reach the inner sanctuary of the labyrinth, facing the formidable boss. Luciel’s indomitable spirit leads to the boss’s defeat, an achievement that results in his promotion to the coveted rank of S-Rank Healer. His actions have bought precious time for the world, but the truth must remain hidden until a plan can be devised. The fate of the world now rests in the hands of this humble healer turned hero.

The Success of The Great Cleric

The first season of The Great Cleric was both critically acclaimed and commercially successful. The series received praise for its endearing protagonist, immersive world-building, and adrenaline-pumping action sequences. Additionally, it was lauded for its positive portrayal of the Church and its underlying message of hope and resilience.


Luciel’s journey from a Japanese salaryman to a revered healer and savior in an alternate world is a testament to the indomitable spirit of a single individual. Luciel’s story is a shining example of how one person’s actions can ripple through time and change the course of history. As he continues to heal and fight for justice, the world holds its breath, awaiting the next chapter in Luciel’s remarkable saga, the Savior of a World.

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