The Beginning After the End Chapter 132 Spoilers Scan Raw Release Date and

The Beginning After the End Chapter 132 Spoilers

The mysteries of the past are being unraveled and a new future is dawning for Arthur in the upcoming The Beginning After the End Chapter 132 Spoilers. Rinia began to reveal secrets about her powers and how she and Arthur have a shared future.

The mysteries continue to unravel, but there are still many pieces to connect. The conflicts at the Academy and the sudden rise of the mysterious Mana Beast surely have something to do with an alien invasion.

We still don’t know what this invasion was for and what they are looking for in the kingdom of Dicathen. They may have been looking for Sylvie, but Arthur managed to hide her presence even from other deities like Windsom.

The Lances are still investigating this case, but there is no new update on it. During this time, both Elijah and Tessia have grown significantly in strength and mana capacity.

The beginning after the end Chapter 132

Lucas sided with the mysterious group causing the conflict in exchange for his services. He plans to kidnap Tessia and use her as bait to lure Arthur into an all-out battle.

Few people are capable of facing Arthur’s head, but Lucas is determined to do so. But the biggest obstacle in front of him is the kidnapping of Tessia, because she has grown so much and there is no chance that she can easily subdue her.

There is also Elijah in the Academy and if Lucas tries to kidnap her from the Academy, we could see a battle between Elijah and Lucas. It will also be a good opportunity to see how much Elijah has grown and what his new powers are.

The Beginning After the End Chapter 132 Raw Scans

Rinia puts everyone to sleep to have a conversation with only Arthur, which tells us how serious the knowledge she has is. Arthur is surely in a delicate position, and now he has become a pivot on which the course of the coming battle will depend.

The Raw Scans of The Beginning After The End Chapter 132 will be released around February 9th. The latest chapters of this manhua are published every Friday around midnight on the official Tapas website.

The next chapter will bring us the knowledge that Rinia has kept to herself until now. We’re all eager to find out what the future holds for Arthur and if it’s a good thing or a bad thing.

The upcoming Chapter 132 of The Beginning After The End is highly anticipated and will be released on February 11.

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TBATE Chapter 132 Talk

The presence of the deities is already a mystery to the citizens of Dicathen and they are already at war with them. There is still some time left before the war breaks out and we still don’t know if there will be one or not, so we have to wait and see what the author has planned.

Let’s take a closer look at the upcoming The Beginning After The End Chapter 132 ahead of its release next week.

Many of us expected to know about the past of Virion and his wife and the final chapter brought us just that. While she was telling us about the Deviants and their powers, Rinia told us about the most powerful Deviant she has ever met, Linia.

She was a very powerful and beautiful mage and all the elves loved and admired her.

Linia later fell in love with Virion and married him, but things did not end well for her. The war between the three races was going on at the time and the King of Fir intended to kill Virion.

Lania continued to use her deviated vision to see into Virion’s future and protect him, but ended up depleting all of her life force.

The war ended and Virion lived on, but Lania died a week later. Although Virion had a sad past, he managed to overcome it and move on. The sad story of Virion’s past has surely melted the hearts of many readers.

The mysterious power of the deviants

The world Arthur lives in general has two types of wizards, normal and deviant. Normal mages harness the power of the four basic elements, but deviants have different or advanced powers.

Arthur’s mother uses healing magic which is not like basic assist spells, similarly, Rinia has the power to project an image. She had to use a similar spell inside the cave to make her appear larger.

The true power of the deviants is to look into the future. Not all deviants can do this, and even if they do, the price to pay for using it is too high. They must use their life force and reduce their life expectancy to see the future.

Rinia used this spell to investigate Arthur’s future and in the next chapter, we can see what she discovered.

She had to find out which deities had come into contact with her and what they were up to. There is still a little time left before Arthur leaves for training and we could see him in a battle before then if there is an attempt on his life.

The beginning after the end 132 Spoilers

There is still a week left until The Beginning After The End Chapter 132 is released, but don’t worry, we will post the next chapter spoilers on our site as soon as possible.

So stay tuned to AKUDAMADRIVE for the latest manga news. There are also rumors about an upcoming TBATE anime announcement.