The Beginning After The End Chapter 137 Release Date! ! read the manhwa

The Beginning After The End Chapter 137

The Beginning After The End Chapter 137 Release date is set for Sunday, March 18, 2022, at the listed stores. The raw scans of Chapter 137 will be scanned on the internet 2-3 days before the spoilers go away, but you’d better wait for the final release.

Where to read The Beginning After the End Chapter 137?

Fans have been eagerly waiting for The Beginning After The End Chapter 137, we really recommend using the official sources so that they can read The Beginning After The End chapters on the following manga platforms to support the creators: Tops

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The Beginning After The End is a Seasonal Tapas Original comic written by TurtleMe and illustrated by Fuyuki23, based on a novel of the same name. It is currently available in the following languages: English, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Mandarin Chinese, and French.

In a world ruled by martial prowess, King Gray possesses unmatched strength, wealth, and prestige. Beneath the tinsel veneer of a mighty king lurks a man without purpose or will.

The monarch has been reincarnated in a new world full of magic and monsters, giving him a second chance at life. However, correcting his past sins will not be his only difficulty. Beneath the peace and prosperity of the new world lurks an undercurrent that threatens to ruin everything he worked for, questioning his role and why he was born again.

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Arthur Leywin

Arthur Leywin: The main character of The Beginning After The End is Arthur Leywin. He was a monarch named Gray in his old life before he was reborn on a new planet, on the continent of Dicathen.

In his previous life, he was a monarch who ranked first in his country in terms of fighting, until he was supposedly poisoned one day.

Gray decided that unlike his previous life, he would live his life to the fullest after reincarnating into the Leywin family. Being loved and surrounded by the friends and family he missed in his previous life.