The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 13 Release Date, Trailer & Plot

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 13

The second part of season 11 of The Walking Dead keeps many of the viewers confused by the new things that our favorite groups have been experiencing. However, this is the release date, trailer, and plot to be seen in The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 13.

According to the information that has been revealed for The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 13, Aaron ( Ross Marquand ) and Maggie ( Lauren Cohan ) are seen meeting Commonwealth Governor Pamela Milton ( Laila Robins ) at an unexpected visit to their communities, something that could bring more tensions between the groups.

However, with what has been happening to Eugene ( Josh McDermitt ) after the betrayal, it is revealed that this new community has huge secrets and they could be seen in the next chapter.

The Walking Dead Season 11: What happend to Eugene in episode 12?

Recall that during the previous chapter, viewers see Eugene looking for Stephanie ( Margot Bingham ) after she mysteriously disappears. It’s more shocking as she disappears after telling him that she loves him too. Meanwhile, Connie ( Lauren Ridloff ) investigates a story about Private Davis (played by
Cameron Roberts ).

While Carol ( Melissa McBride ) helps Lance Hornsby ( Josh Hamilton ) with a labor dispute at a drug farm.That she was trained to get information about all the new members that come to the commonwealth and to know her true intentions.

As for The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 12, it will air on Sunday, March 13. According to the synopsis, Aaron and Maggie will meet Governor Pamela Milton, who is on tour in Alexandria, Oceanside, and the Hilltop.

But, during a routine checkup, Ezekiel ( Khary Payton ) gets lucky while possibly avoiding a dangerous situation with cancer that has been getting worse and worse. Check out the trailer below.

Episode 12, which will be titled “The Fortunate,” will premiere on Sunday, March 13 on the AMC television network, however, the chapter is already available on the same network’s Premium platform. You can also stream the episodes online through Live TV services. These include Sling TV, FuboTV, YouTube TV, and AT&T TV Now.

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The Walking Dead Season 11: Episode 13 Release Date

The Walking Dead Season 11 Ep 13 Will be released on 13 March 2022.

Where Watch The Walking Dead Season 11: Ep 13

You watch The Walking Dead Season 11 Ep 13 on AMC Or on another website.